Blink And Eleven Months Have Gone By...

Monday, January 6, 2014

At eleven months old, our Quinn:
  • Moved from a strong elbow/knee army crawl to a full-on Noah-Butt-Scoot, and has not looked back. He only uses this funky loping mode of mobility to get around now. 
  • Sleeps through the night about 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time, he only needs a binkie or a lovey given back to him and he is back asleep. 
  • Weaned himself from breastfeeding and is a happy, thriving bottle baby with a penchant for table food and illicit treats. And cat food. 
  • Popped in his two front teeth, and they are growing in nice and bucky and strong. 
  • Has figured out the skill of going up stairs, much to his parents' chagrin. 
  • Is drawn to ANYTHING that will get him in trouble, like toilets, stairs, cat food, trash cans, cords, open doors, etc. 
  • Keeps us running like mad and cursing under our breaths. 
  • Is still the happiest baby--- greeting the day with smiles and babbling exclamations of joy, smiling at anyone and anything, laughing at a moment's notice, and dancing and bopping all day long. 
  • Has been fond of pooping in the tub. 
  • Tries to "share" {toys, space, food, mom} with Lucy, resulting in a VERY upset sister with VERY shrill whines and screams. He has better results with Noah, who is way more mature and willing to compromise. 
  • Pulls up to cruise EVERYWHERE. Favorite spot is the kitchen, using all cupboard and drawers to hold onto and move around. Second favorite spot is mine of Dad's pant legs. 
  • Is a full-fledged binkie baby now, and we all love it. No regrets. 
  • Has learned to wave "bye bye" at about a 45% success rate. 
  • Is a monster, a delight, exhausting, brilliant, messy, handsome, lovable, and wonderful. 


Following: Lucy wanted in on the photo action. But really, what it turned out she wanted in on was the "turning and pounding on the paper backdrop to make a loud  rustly sound" that Quinn had just discovered. So yeah... these are the shots I got of that, since neither of them seemed inclined to actually stay in "posing for mom" mode. (Lucy's glance at me, shown below, was not something she did on purpose and only lasted  .04 seconds and only managed to be photographed because of my lightning-fast Lucy-Photo-Taking reflexes I've had to hone over the last 2 years.)

The girl just WILL NOT look at my camera. On purpose. 

And this baby just wanted my backdrop for his toy. Oh well.

And listen-- as per usual this last year with Quinn, this post is over two weeks late, and he is closer to the 12 month mark than he is to that 11-month milestone we passed.... So stay tuned. It is now January, and somehow, in two weeks it will be the one-year anniversary of this baby being born. This Quinn-baby I feel like I JUST had.


Quinn at 4 months. (5 months didn't happen.)
 at 3 months
at 2 and 1 months.  

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  1. I love that picture of Lucy lost in thought. I wonder what she is looking at that has her so captivated?


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