Quinn: Eight Months Old

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hey, big man! Eight months old, hm? Oh, and you say you've been eight months old for almost 2.5 weeks already? Basically nine months by now? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I'm slacking. But hey-- last month I posted your milestone post on the 6th of the month. Today's only the 4th. Can I at least get a couple points for that? 

So, Quinn. Eight months old, eh? How's that been going for you? Between seven and eight months was a HUGE time for you. You fattened up quite a bit, loving baby food like you do. You got really animated and wiggly, too.  While you learned to sit up just after the 7-month mark, you have already decided that sometimes you want to be back down in the trenches, so you'll throw yourself back down, bracing yourself for impact, and then grin once you're back on your back. At that point, you'll either kick your legs and bump your bum up and down to sort of "crab walk" backwards, or you'll flip to your tummy and back to your back in various directions to see where it gets you. 

If, by chance, you decide to remain sitting up, you pivot in full 360 circles where you sit, looking for something new and exciting to grab. Oh, sweet boy-- you are so in love with life. In love with reaching out and testing everything. Tasting everything. And almost always with a grin or smile on your face. I swear the only two times you're not smiling are when you're concentrating on something new, or when you're finally a bit tired. 

And on the sleep front, you are really doing great. I can't complain at all: You're in bed by 7pm, and you don't wake until 4 or 5am. At that point I bet you'd live without a feeding, but it's become the only time of day we still nurse, and I cherish that. So I sleepily tiptoe to your room and snuggle with you for just 15 minutes or so, and then you're back asleep. Sometimes you'll wake again at 6am or so, but that becomes Daddy-time, and he gives you a bottle and a cuddle and you'll happily go back to sleep once more, this time til 7:30 or even 8.  Your morning nap is almost always at 9:00am and lasts 1.5 hours. And your afternoon nap is almost always at 1pm, and while it is usually 1.5 hours on the dot, some days you give us 2 or even 3 hour stretches. 

And you LOVE your crib. Just like Lucy did, you use your crib time, even when you're not sleeping, to contentedly practice mobility. I swear you're more of an acrobat in your crib than anywhere else.. and I suppose that makes a lot of sense-- it's soft, padded, contained. Low-risk for getting hurt as you try out life in crawling position, or do spectacular roll-overs that arch your whole body. I swear, baby Q--- you're going to be crawling and walking WAY ahead of your brother and sister. I just have a feeling. 

But teeth? That is one way you are not on track with the siblings. Noah had his first tooth by 7 months, Lucy by 8 months. You are still toothless. And I confess, I am PERFECTLY happy to keep it that way. And for the silliest reason. I just feel like every time I picture you with teeth, somehow you'll be a different kid altogether. My Quinn doesn't have TEETH. What a weird look that would be on you. I know, I know--- once they're there, I will adore them. I mean, toothy, drooly grins are really cute. But for now, Gummy Quinn is MY Quinn.. so take your time, buddy. 

But I'm totally okay with your new babbling. Because sometimes it even sounds like "mamamamamama".... You love to put your lips together and try new sounds. Mamamama, bababababababa....Its so cute. Meanwhile, you also:

Love to drool. 
Hate getting your nose wiped. Like LOATHE.
Love your baths. Especially reaching out tot he running water as it flows in. 
Love watching your siblings. 
Are kind of over your exersaucer.
Love being put in front of the DVD shelf to wreak havoc. 
Are the most poopingest baby I think I've had yet. Just poop. All the time.
Still love to get calm and zen in my ring sling next to my chest. I adore this. 
Are cool with the stroller, and like walks. 
Have the best laugh. 

Oh my Quinn--- I adore you, baby. I really really do. I am so lucky I get to be your mama. Thanks for putting up with my late milestone posts. I really am trying, most days, to keep you from being afflicted with "third child syndrome", but on that front, well... it's getting pretty cliche how few photos of you there are. But I swear I'm TAKING them. I just can't seem to get them edited and shared.

Okay, buddy--- you're awake for the day. I need to wrap up and go snuggle you. and likely change a poopy diaper. Always. 

Quinn at 7 months. 6 months
Quinn at 4 months. (5 months didn't happen.)
 at 3 months
at 2 and 1 months.  


  1. This may come out wrong--but I love that your list of "what's going on with Quinn/what I love" is so different from the typical ones I see All.The.Time. from other moms. It's so easy to love your baby's toes or squishy belly (and I love those too!) but I like hearing about all the OTHER stuff. Like how he's over his exersaucer or loves drooling or feeling running water. That makes Quinn QUINN, KWIM? (I like saying "kwim" as a word. It's fun. Kwim, kwim.) He's more than a baby, he's QUINN!

  2. I agree with Genevieve... It is so wonderful to get to know Quinn through your posts. Love the things he was into but has gotten over. Love the things that you adore about him. Love to know how his brother and sister think about him. Love to know that he spends quality time with Daddy. Love that I know that there was a life before Quinn but that life with Quinn is so much more complete. I simply love these letters to Quinn... Thank you for sharing!

  3. He has the happiest smile I've seen on a baby! I love your posts about Quinn, there's so much joy you have with him!

  4. I love getting to know 8 month old Quinn through you. He sounds like a true delight. And looks infinitely cuddle-able.


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