Quinn: Nine and Ten Months

Monday, December 9, 2013

He was nine months and then he was ten and now he's nearly 11 months old..... It goes too fast, and my computer is full of images of my kids and my little everyday world and especially my third baby, and nothing gets done to finish them and prepare them and bring them into the light of day. Such regret for that.... And intentions for doing better... And the dailiness of life continues, so we'll see if I ever catch up. And til then, if it ever happens, I will forgive myself. And post what I can when I can. 

And nine-month Quinn, side-by-side with ten-month Quinn, is pretty cute. So it's fun that they get to be presented together for this post. :)

Nine month Quinn was October 18, and 10-month Quinn was November 18.... Noah's birthday. Which, by the way, I should probably blog about. Gaaaa! 

And Quinn's milestones? I don't even know. Lots of HUGE things. He got his first two teeth right around his 9-month mark. And soon thereafter, he got himself to sitting, and somehow between October and now he is crawling, scooting like Noah used to, pulling to standing, cruising, getting up and down the one-step section of our house, and cutting his top teeth. He's basically changing daily before our eyes. 

He's cut out nursing, started sleeping through the night, and become a full-time binkie user. 

He's happy 95% of the time and passionately in love with table foods, and quick to laugh and smile. 

He makes this whole family better with him in it, and we love him so very much. Even if his photos don't come in as timely a manner as his older two siblings. Ha. 

I'll leave you with one more killer cute photo of my little man:

And then I'll try to remember to shoot and post his 11-month photos in 10 more days. 

In a perfect world. 



Quinn at 8 months. 7 months. 6 months
Quinn at 4 months. (5 months didn't happen.)
 at 3 months
at 2 and 1 months.  


  1. You were up sooo late... but glad you got those pics in. Your two boys sure do look alike. Always great pics and such huge milestones for him. Congrats on posting!

  2. Oh my gosh, he's so adorable! Look at that toothy grin! Isn't it amazing how they seem to start doing new stuff all at once?
    Don't feel bad about not getting to pictures as much. It seems that's how it ends up the more kids you have. With my first I filled several albums of pictures and wrote the most detailed baby book ever. With my second, I took pictures but didn't fill as many albums, and the baby book was not as filled out. With my third...sigh. I take pictures and download them, but the poor kid doesn't have a single album. I print as I need them for picture frames. And it just happens that way, life is busy!

  3. As a "non-photographer", I guess I don't understand the process, or what happens, after the shoot. In my little world, I take pictures then put them on the computer... No prepping them. As a professional, do you feel you have to prep the pictures all the time? Can we even see the "real life: pictures? (Is that a fauz pas?) Anyway, I live seeing what you post, when you get the opportunities... You are truly so talented!!

  4. I am in LOVE with the bow tie quilt pics!


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