Quinn Atticus: 3 Months Old

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I jotted some thoughts down about Quinn @ Two Months Old, but never added them to his photo post. So I'll list them here, then mention how he's changed in the month since then. 

Two-Month Old Quinn:
  • Likes to grab and "worry" my shirt when he nurses
  • Smiles and vocalizes when you say "hi" in a cooing voice to him
  • Watches the elephants and lion on his bouncy seat
  • Holds his head up well
  • Still hates his car seat
  • still loves slings and wraps
  • Still loves sleeping on a shoulder
  • Nurses about 95% of the time (he'll get an occasional formula bottle at night during Joe's "shift")
  • He's wearing 0-3 mo. clothing
  • He's wearing size 1 diapers

And now, one month later, Three-Month Old Quinn:

  • He's been introduced to his "lovey", a raccoon we have yet to really name. 
  • He seems to already be responding to his raccoon-- we give it to him in the car for him to worry and bring to his mouth, since he still hates the carseat. 
  • Quinn still hates the carseat. But he's had a handful of rides where he's found the "baby in the mirror" and will stay entertained by him for the duration, with NO CRYING. This is huge. 
  • Quinn is now taking at least one nap a day in his rock n play in our room. Up until about 2.5 weeks ago, he was taking almost all naps in a sling/wrap/on a shoulder or lap.
  • As of two nights ago, we're trying him out on a 7:00 or 7:30pm bedtime. Up until this, he's been catnapping in the evenings and not going to bed for good until about 10:00pm. So far, the transition has been rocky. We'll work it out. 
  • Quinn has laughed for the first time.... Usually because I'm getting supremely silly to elicit the response.
  • Quinn smiles at Joe, Noah and I all the time. He is starting to notice Lucy and smile at her, though she often ignores him. 
  • He can sit in the Bumbo with very little "slouch". 
  • He still is apathetic about the sling and about laying on a blanket on the floor for very long. 
  • He does love his bouncy seat and will hang out there or the Bumbo for a little longer. 
  • He's still in 0-3mo clothing, but seems to be getting taller. I cannot imagine that 3-6 mo clothes will fit on his skinny body. 
  • He's still a very regular guy, diaper-wise... We've gone through a few weeks of green diapers, but he seems to be back to yellow. TMI, I know. 
  • He's a GREAT nurser. I have no supply corries AT ALL and we both seem to be a good team. 
  • He ADORES baths-- alone or with one of us, and ADORES being held in the shower. He's a water boy 100%. 
  • He responds well to running water as a way to calm him down. 
  • He's still pretty high-maintenance--- he just REALLY loves to be held, loves his mama, loves the boob as his binkie.... And is not very content for very long when left to his own devices. 
  • But he smiles SO much, and seems REALLY happy in general. He loves his family and is very easily appeased. It's not hard to figure out why he's upset-- so though he gets upset a bit more easily than I'd like, he's not a puzzle to figure out. 

My hopes for the next few weeks:
  • He'll get more content to explore on his own, i.e. on a blanket on the floor.
  • He'll keep finding more things to keep his interest while he's stuck in the car.
  • He'll work out a pretty good nap schedule. 
  • He'll do better at night.
  • He'll laugh more and more.
  • Maybe grab toys and begin bringing toys to his mouth on purpose. 

He's my sweet boy, and I love that little man. I'm loving his photos this month, too. He gave me a lot of random funny expressions, which make me laugh to see all together:

He's not always a face-maker--- mostly if he's not crying, this is my Quinn:

But however he looks at me, he steals my heart every time. Sweet baby boy....

(Just to be real, here is the beginning of his sad face. He is the KING of the Sad Face. His whole face crumples and it's just SAD.)

All right, kiddo. Happy 3-month! 


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  1. The wrinkled chin just steals my heart away...

    He is ADORABLE!

    What is he like? New, excited spirit? "Old/Wise" spirit? Peaceable? Calm (except for the car thing)?

    Inquiring minds (like mine) want to know...


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