Sweet Quinn: Newborn Photo Session(s)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My sweet Quinn was born January 18. I knew even before he was born that I would not have the stamina to attempt a "30 Days of Quinn" project like I did with Lucy. I did know, however, that I could not WAIT to get my hands on my baby boy, and newborn photos were most definitely still in my plans.  I shopped on Etsy in the months preceding his birth and commissioned a few special hats from talented friends, and by the time he came along, I had a good idea of what photos I'd want to try with my little one. I managed a few sessions in his first two weeks, and ended up with a very satisfying amount of newborn images for my third baby. Not feeling the pressure to get something done every single day, I mustered enough energy on the days I DID shoot to try a few more things, and it all evened out in the end. I even managed to go to a dear friends' home to shoot a set of these-- taking advantage of her marvelous home and natural light. 

And here we are... three months later. Life with Quinn added in is proving to be a supreme juggling act, and sitting to edit personal photos has not factored into that crazy dance much. I am just starting to see that it will come back, but initially, it's been more than enough to just remind myself that at least the photos got taken... and to let go of the frustration that editing and preparing them to share has not happened.

So while life marches on and this teeny little one in the following photos is now a strong, alert, smiling baby of nearly 4 months, I am so tickled at this gallery of my sweet Quinn, back when he was but 4 days, 5 days, 11, 12 and 13 days old. When we were just getting to know his spirit and his eyes and his fingers and his toes... 

Grab a cuppa... I didn't hold back for this post. There's a LOT of photos. I figure they will make it more worth the wait.

Session 1: 4 Days Old, in my dining room

Hat from the marvelous Etsy shop "BebeBeeCouture". I've used them lots and love their work). 

(Quinn really wanted to be awake that first day...So I let him do it his way, and made plans to try again the next day.)

Session 2: 5 Days Old, in my dining room

Another hat from the marvelous Etsy shop "BebeBeeCouture").

 (This next one is probably my all-time favorite of all of them. It will be a big print in my home for sure.)

(Next up, a baby snowman. :) He was a winter baby... so I kept trying to find ways to integrate that into his photos.  
Hat from the Etsy shop "LoveyChild".)

Session 5: 11 Days Old, Erin's house
(Session 3 was used for his birth announcements and Session 4 was with his daddy. I'm saving both for other posts.)
 (Hat from Sweet Pea Hats)

 (Sweet hat from my friend Heather of Woolywishes)

 (Hats from Erin's and my prop stash)

Session 6: 12 Days Old, in my sunroom

 (Hat from the Etsy shop "Zoik").

Session 7: 13 Days Old, a lightning-fast 4-minute shoot in my yard
I REALLY wanted a true winter image of the poor baby. He was fine and cozy, I promise!  
 (Cozy cocoon from my friend Heather of Woolywishes)

These comprise Quinn's first two weeks, all within the month of January. I actually have more images, from his next 2 weeks.... the February photos. Those will just have to happen when they happen..... Ack.

For now, I am content. I have peace in my restless heart for finally managing to not only edit January, but get it blogged. To see his sweet face as a fresh newborn again, and to be reminded how far we've come since these early days. There really is nothing like a newborn. I miss some parts of it... But I am not going to lie--- as we move towards month 4, and things get a little more predictable around here, I'm not at all eager to trade today's Quinn for that sweet newborn in these images. These photos will do nicely, thank you very much. 

Thanks for being with me on my journey.... And for letting me share things when I can... which isn't as often as it's been in the past. All in good time, yes?

Happy Sunday, tomorrow. 


  1. What a sweet, sweet boy! I absolutely adore all of the images. You managed to do SO many photoshoots with him I'm really impressed. The 11 day old pics int he stripy hat just melt my heart!

  2. I am in awe of what you have accomplished in such a short amount of time. You ROCK, Mom!!!

    And your work, your creativity, your baby, your photos... simply genius!

  3. And Session Two: Third picture down, is my FAVORITE because of the simple little smile on Quinn's face. It steals my heart!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are so sweet! I love them all but his smile in session two made me smile to myself.

    Also LOVE the baby snowman - too precious.


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