The Way They Love Each Other

Saturday, October 12, 2013

There is almost nothing better than watching your children together when they are loving each other. Noah and Lucy are so special, and the way they love each other is so dear to me. 

This series of images is from one Sunday a few weeks ago, just before we headed off to church. They both looked so nice, I wanted a quick photo. Of course, they had their own ideas about cooperating for a photo. But instead of seeing a bunch of imperfect images (neither looking or smiling for the camera), I'm so lucky that what I see instead is the way they love each other. 

I'll let the photos tell their own story. 


Lucky mama. I am one lucky, lucky mama. That's all. Happy weekend to you!


  1. I love how Quinn seems semi-oblivious to his crazy siblings.

    And I love how crazy those two siblings really are with each other. In the best possible way. I love how they make each other laugh, how they get so wacky together- I just love these kids of yours!

  2. They will love having this pics on their own walls when they are grown... they are so precious. Maybe print some up and save them to post in their rooms when they are teenagers to remind them that at one time they did like each other ;)


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