Front Porch Moments: Autumn Edition

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nothing staged, I swear it... Just moments the kids were content in our front yard, playing, and looking kind of cute... Where I remembered to get my big camera and take some "real" images for us to remember these days... Just simple days in our front yard, soaking it all in. 

Happy Best Month of the Year to you guys. What do YOU love about autumn?

(Credit: Quinn's AMAZING raccoon hat was made by my dear friend Stef. I am so in love with it.)


  1. Adorable dying for that dress of Lucy' is precious!

    I love autumn so much--the crunchy leaves, the exquisite colors on the trees in MO, the crisp air, the deliciously tart but crispy apples, the pumpkin flavor everything (whatup PSL?!), the option of sweaters and jeans but not being FROZEN yet, the brightly colored mums, the kickoff to the holiday season, the way it feels that the world is just taking a big, fat, relaxed sigh in autumn...I love it all!

  2. Oh my goodness, they are hilarious! Especially Quinn's little grin!


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