Technical Difficulties...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ay yi yi! 

a little under a week ago, I had one last run-in with my desktop computer that left me in tears: Too clogged up, too old, too overworked, too EVERYTHING, and it finally ground to a near-halt. I managed maybe THREE things in a full hour of working, and that means ONE email, ONE upload, ONE photo order.... Three things that should've taken me 5 minutes, not 60. 

So. We retired it. 

It is not in the budget, but it is necessary. 

Joe went out and did some research that very day, and came home with a new tower that promises to be at least twice the computer our old one was. 


Switching computers always takes time, especially if all of your critical software is buried in boxes in the basement from when you moved two years ago... 


We've been hobbling all week... keeping in touch and in business via iTouch and laptop. And needless to say, with all my files and basic programs inaccessible for the moment, there is NOT a lot of blogging going on. 
Or editing. 

Or emailing. 

Or basically MOST of what I do most days. 

So.... if anyone is expecting something from me, I promise we are close. I hope to be back in business by tomorrow evening.... of course, just in time to have to divert all of my energy elsewhere, since I have a major dental visit on Friday morning, a million things to do to get the house and myself prepared for a Cupcake Party on Friday, and a session to get ready for on Saturday. 


For all of my attempts to simplify my life, this week hasn't felt very simple. Oh well. Next week I go back to ZERO items on the calendar, so I think if I can get through this weekend, I can begin to dig out of the computer hole from this whole past week. 

Meanwhile, I'm using my low-tech time away from the computer to work on a scrapbook project (first in 4 years, SQUEE!! I didn't know how much I missed it til I started planning this little project. AH!) and catch up on DVR'ed stuff... As well as some much-needed housekeeping and home projects.

I'm kinda liking the away time. 

Anyhoo... That's me. 

Someone comment and tell me what YOU'RE up to this week? I'll respond in comments if anyone asks a question or anything. Might be fun!


  1. This happened to us not too long ago. We were without our computer for about a week. And while we missed it, it was so nice to focus on other things! Enjoy your time and enjoy the new computer when it gets up and running! Hopefully its fast and efficient. :)

  2. I totally sympathize! My computer bit the dust right before Christmas. Ending up losing a few things, but nothing major. Switching everything over is a pain and hassle...I won't lie about that. But, it's a good time to de-clutter and get rid of files and such you don't really need.
    This week I've been down and out with a cold so I done a whole lot of nothing.
    Finished editing a session today. I need to try and get the house straightened up in the morning before heading off to sub art class(and before hubby comes home from his trip!)
    Have a great time at you Cupcake Party! :)

  3. Hi, girls!

    Lucky for me, I have been keeping ALL of our files on an external drive and nothing on the computer itself, so any file-transfer was minimal... Add to that, our computer didn't fully DIE, so anything I wanted or needed to keep I could get to... like my fonts, my actions, etc.


    Feel better, Becca!! :(

  4. what have i been up to?

    nothing much. gave birth. and now i wander around the house, nursing and changing diapers, and hoping my body heals sooner than later.

    so glad you got a new computer! and now i think i'm going to brush my teeth and go to sleep because who knows how soon he'll wake up and need to eat again.

  5. Switching computers is like moving... but it's even worse when it's an unexpected switch... but it is usually a nice change when things settle down... hope that's soon for you :)

    Meanwhile, I'm at work finishing up my lunch break before filling out debriefing forms about my lousy day yesterday. Take care...

  6. Oh yuck, I detest switching computers, makes me feel so out of control! Spending this week learning how my newborn operates:)

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