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Thursday, February 16

A Quick Prayer

Dear Lord, 

I am grateful this moment for the sunshine.
I am grateful for this little corner of our hallway with the round window that floods with light at this time of day.
I am grateful for the sweet little bundle of blonde fluff asleep just in the next room, snuggly and soft in her fleecy sleep sack, hugging her Bunny Bunny. 
I am gratefule for the bits of fabric that make up her bird mobile, and the way that mobile gently spins in the flow of air from her vent.
I am grateful for the boy asleep in the other room, one lamby lovey on either side of his face, his face still and silent for the first time all day. 
I am grateful for all the stories and games and ideas that flow from him when he is not asleep.
I am grateful for the time to fold laundry, quietly, with steady rhythm, the tidy piles growing as the messy pile shrinks. 
I am grateful for this small home, our home... 
I am grateful for my health, and the health of my family, where only a cold has passed through all season. 
I am grateful for the pink and white book I've had for 11 years, Simple Abundance, that continues to inspire me and center me when I make time to pick it up. 
I am grateful for happy mail and friendships that grow deeper over the years. 
I am grateful for daily text messages that brighten my day. 
I am grateful for a man that tells me he loves me with no hesitation, and always rubs my back for a moment before he heads to bed. 
I am simply, deeply grateful for this life of mine. 

Thank you--



  1. So perfect and beautiful, Em. Love it. There is true beauty and joy all around you.

  2. Lovely post Emily! I adore my pink and white Simple Abundance book too!