Love/Don't Love

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today, I don't love:

*  That Lucy ended up having to cry it out for her first nap, and then didn't even end up sleeping
*  That Lucy still won't flip from tummy to back and gets REALLY mad about it.
*  That I didn't manage to get a shower.
*  The few stubborn ants that haven't succumbed to my latest ant trap attack. Gross.
*  My hair. Too short to be put up, too long to look good down without work.
*  My current feet. I'm wishin' for a pedicure I don't have to do myself.
*  How Noah repeats something a gabillion times until I stare him in the face to acknowledge that I HEARD YOU.
*  Feeling behind on work.
*  Seam-ripping something I appliqued on with the tiniest/super close stitches. A MESS o' threads to cut and cut and cut.
*  Letting Noah watch too much TV... even if it WAS WALL-E, the cutest cartoon ever.

But today, I love:

Coffee cake in a mug for breakfast.
*  Finishing a sewn humpback whale from this Finnish blog and not doing too shabby of a job.
*  How Pinterest inspires me daily and I actually manage to DO things from my boards on many days of the week.
*  Lucy's now 2.5-hour nap marathon since missing her morning nap.
*  Batteries in my baby monitor so I can carry it outside while Noah and I play in the sunshine.
*  A flowy skirt that feels comfy and pretty, even when I haven't showered.
*  Little dangly earrings from Katie.
*  Mozzarella caprese for lunch, using farmer's market Purple Heirloom tomatoes and my own basil. YUM.
*  That today is a day Joe comes home on time. Its always better with him here.
*  Lucy's growing patch of blonde hair on her head, filling in her widow's peak hairline. So fuzzy and soft!
*  Noah's incredibly developed imagination and the way he views the world. 
*  Moon dough and exersaucers, both occupying each kid for just a little while when I needed space today. 
*  The sun coming out after a grey morning. 
*  The weekend is almost here.


What about you? 


Some from today's playtime....
Photobucket Photobucket 

I love this next one... Just an unguarded moment as he checks things out...
  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

And one of Miss Lucy from last week, since she was napping today when I took out my camera. See her growing head of hair? And that tongue-- she LOVES to poke that thing out and sample the world around her... :)  Photobucket
(Aside: Gosh, I have so many other photos of my kiddos I've taken in the last two months that I love.... But haven't gotten time to edit them. A casualty of the pro sessions coming back into my life. I hate it. I need to remedy it. Soon.)


  1. ok I'll share too!
    Today I don't love: 6:30am wake ups for the day, alternating nap times, no shower here either, and feeling like I'm drowning in housework and to-do lists.
    But I DO love: baby snuggles and giggles, pretty new baby carrier in the mail, sunshine out my window, hubby came home for lunch, and a frozen slurpee waiting for me in the freezer. :)

    Lucy is SOOO cute, love her new hair and her little tongue!

  2. That tongue is killin' me!! Also love Noah out of focus with his upside-down trike in front...

    Today I don't love:
    The way my denim capris feel. Baggy and frumpy.
    A non-response to an excited e-mail.
    That my *WONDERFUL* audiobook is ending soon....on the last disc...

    But today I do love:
    Pretzel bread hot pockets for lunch. WHOA YUM!!
    My current audiobook, "Hold Still" by Nina LaCour (YA)--reminiscent of Sarah Dessen, who I miss dearly after finishing what audiobooks I could get my hands on.
    Gray mornings. :)

  3. My turn:

    Don't love:
    *feeling anxious all day waiting to be told the latest thing I didn't do well (even if it never comes, I'm anxious in anticipation)
    *pants that don't fit right
    *feeling ravenously hungry with mealtime out of my control
    *being expected to think 2 weeks out when I can barely manage today
    *10:00 and later bedtime
    *no ideas for lessons

    *surprised smiles from PPTS folks when I come to a meeting they didn't expect me at
    *black bean chipotle "veggie" burger on sourdough instead of rye
    *chocolate chip cookie dough from the freezer (don't tell me how bad it is - I don't care today)
    *ideas for birthdays from book orders
    *Amazon Cloud Player and iTunes playlists to work by (speaking of, better get back to it...)

  4. Today I don't love:
    *A dusty attic full of things that probably need to be thrown away because they probably belonged to tenants long since gone...
    *Kittens who don't seem to understand when I do not need/want their "help" with something.
    *Stinky litter boxes.
    *Still having SO MUCH CRAP to have to sort/put away/pack away.
    *The possibility that the cats may get fleas.
    *Getting cut at 7 but STILL not getting out until 9.

    Today I love:
    *Making over $100 for a 5-hour shift!
    *Guests that make me laugh.
    *Guests (or people in general) who openly acknowledge my serving/people skills (i.e. friendliness and cheerful manner).
    *How adorable the kittens are anyway.
    *S'mores-scented candles and hot chocolate.
    *Psych and Modern Family. (Tomorrow, I plan to love Parks and Recreation and The Office.)
    *My family! (Of course, that is almost an always, but still...)

  5. Callum does the repeat repeat repeat thing too. So ANNOYING!


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