I Have Fat Calves.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I splurged the other week and bought the prettiest pair of leather boots... SO pretty. Achingly pretty. finally worth me breaking my typical shoe budget of $30.

And then my fat calves got in the way. These calves didn't used to be fat. What an indignity-- to see that part of my body expand with the rest of this post-children body. Boo.

Well, I pulled and pinched and squeezed, and managed to get those pretty boots all zipped up... And I got to feel sassy and great at the Alison Krauss concert last week with Joe in my pretty new boots. Never mind the pinchy feeling 'round my fat calves.

So I thought.... I made them work! These babies are keepers! 

Until today.

Today, the pulling, pinching and squeezing didn't work so well.


 Waaa!! The saddest thing I've seen in awhile. *sniff*

I mean, these pretty boots are so PRETTY. They're real leather, in the loveliest deep, rich color...

And the DETAILING... Oh the DETAILING....*sigh*
  Photobucket Photobucket 
 Welp... that's what I get for trying to be stylish. The universe telling me to "HUMBLE DOWN, SISTER!"

Telling me to go back and put on my $45 TJMaxx fake leather boots I wore last season... and be okay with them.

Though the color is NOTHING like those pretty boots....  And they're not taking my breath away or anything...

But they DO have a sassy red zipper. 
And that will be good enough. Farewell, pretty leather boots. I hope I can get my money back on ya.

(For the rest of you, though, who DON'T suffer from Fat Calves... go buy those boots. SO pretty, and really quite reasonably priced for real leather calf-high boots. Check them out here: Nicole Ranger Riding Boot. They got great reviews! I promise not to be too jealous of those of you that CAN wear these.)


On to happier thoughts.

Today, Joe took Noah to go play soccer. A perfect brisk first day of October... perfect for soccer.

In his absence, I enjoy seeing the signs of Noah around the house. Lately, it's been dress up props to fuel his vast imagination.

Both sets of dress-up stuff were "potty prizes" for Noah's potty training. He earned them one piece at a time. He LOVES them.

I love that even when he's not in the house, he's everywhere.

And Lucy? She came with me this gorgeous, crisp morning, to the Clayton Farmer's Market. She sat happily in my sling and I puttered happily around the offerings... Finally settled on some winter squash, some sweet potatoes, and some locally made chocolate, Little Dipper Chocolate.   It was a perfect little outing, capped by the easiest put-down for her nap that I've ever had-- she was dozing right when we got home, so she let me take her gently out of the carseat and re-settle her in her crib-- barely a fuss at the transition. I love that girl.


Speaking of naps, these are rare "nap photos" of LuLu taken the other day. Normally I am so paranoid about her getting good sleep that I would NEVER risk waking her by taking a camera into her room... But I had to wake her to get Noah from preschool so it was a perfect opportunity... and she could wake slowly to the small camera noises I was making. I love the sequence here:

1. completely asleep...Notice her hand gripping her Bunny? We have another lovey-baby in the making!

2. A little jolt from that first shutter click

3. I get in a bit closer/she lets go of Bunny   Photobucket 4. She begins to wake.Photobucket 5. Still hazy, she looks at me, not really seeing...Photobucket 6. the "startle", when she really SEES me... makes me laugh, but I also feel sorry for her--- I am so sorry to wake you, sweet baby....Photobucket And at that point, I put the camera down to snuggle her, warm and sleepy and sweet...


Good stuff. Well, the boys are home, so I'm off to go return those boots and buy some supplies to make a Halloween wreath. Happy Saturday to the rest of you!


  1. find a shoemaker. and the fat calves will go away someday, so do not despair!

  2. Hehe...I've been doing that to MY baby girl lately too. : ) Hello, btw, I'm Christina, and I found your lovely blog by following a Pinterest pin of your Anthropologie flower knock-off tutorial.

  3. i relate to the calf situation...mine's more like an ankle/calf situation and I was born that i'm still looking for boots that will fit. I remember an acquaintance who had the opposite problem and had to have her boots taken in (!!!) at a cobbler. grrrrrr

  4. I'm a fat calf girl too.

    Love you and your fat calves!

  5. I'm sad for your boots, but the cobbler idea is interesting. More expensive than it's worth, perhaps, but I didn't really realize they still existed...

    Meanwhile, the nap-waking-up pics are priceless! Thanks for thinking of it when you had to wake her up anyway :)

  6. Such a sad story!!!

  7. fat calves here too. i hate that it makes it so hard to find cute boots that fit. pair that with my current boot obsession and it makes me crazy.

    i agree with the others though. take them to a cobbler and they will be able to put new zippers on really easy.

  8. I've taken boots to cobblers before to fit my athletic calves :)

    It's not as expensive as you might think. I've never had success with cobblers a zippers, though. I can't find one that will fix a zipper to save my life (or the life of my boots.) So if you can, return them, get another pair, and take them to a cobbler!

  9. I've hardly ever gotten to wear cute boots. Ugh. And heck yeah, cobblers exist! Just picked up two pairs of my shoes this weekend. He was a mean cobbler, though, so I'm going to the other one in town from now on.

    But I digress. The sleep photos are so good. I'm so glad you broke your rule and got them. :)

  10. LOVE your posts, Emily! You are so true to yourself, it's refreshing to read every time.
    I too suffer the fate of chubby calves and have to buy my boots with extra elastic, if I can find the style I my size. It's rare! Good to read the other comments about cobblers...who knew?
    Take comfort though - I'm really jealous of your old boots as it is. ; )

  11. Found you thru the flower tute on Pinterest. Enjoyed browsing your site. Have you heard of a boot band? A little pricey, but can be used for multiple pair, so possibly worth it. Here's a link:

  12. Add me to the Fat Calves Club!

  13. Coincidentally I have the EXACT same pair of boots just in more camel brown color! Found them at a thrift store in Florida several years ago! They had the chocolate pair like yours too but they weren't my size. :( RANDOM ! And guess what--they were $15!! wish i could attach a picture! LOVE the waking up pics. I have a 2 month old and my favorite time of day is waking him up in the morning!

  14. So sorry about your boots! Could you perhaps use a dark brown shoe polish on your $45 boots to enrich the color?
    Love the napping Lucy series. :)


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