Hey, Pun'kin!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Yes, she really is that cute.

In fact, dare I say it?

She's grown into FULLY AMAZING. No sign of that little angry baby from the first 4 months... Not even a whiff of it.

She is so marvelous now that I am wishing I could bottle her up, just like this, and keep her 6 months old forever. She is perfect.

My lil' pumpkin...

Photobucket Photobucket
(Even with her not being totally sure about this crazy orange thing I shoved her in, she was SUCH a trooper. I daresay, she is even easier than Noah ever was. I swear HE would've been squalling from the first moment of this ordeal. But she just gave me a few puzzled looks and several great expressions. She's awesome!)

And a couple of pullbacks, just for fun:
Photos taken in my makeshift studio/sunroom...
The pumpkin is real.
She is nekkid (only 'cause her diaper was kinda full *oops* so it took up a bit too much room).
There is a thin swaddle blanket lining the pumpkin's inside and the part of the back where her skin touched. 
I carved the pumpkin out two nights before and let it dry out a little-- so it is NOT fresh and slimy.
The hat is a knockoff from a Target pumpkin accessory I saw and was NOT gonna pay $8 for. I knew I could make it myself, and better...And I LOVE how mine turned out! 
(Hm... Maybe I'll do a tutorial. It is SO easy!)
The space heater helped keep her happy.
And the best news-- this isn't even her official costume. I have EVEN CUTER PHOTOS of her, coming up! Whee!

But for now, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here's to a SPOOOOOKY fun day for all!


  1. She is so freaking cute!!!!

  2. Love it! So adorable!

  3. She, and these photos, could not be any cuter if you tried! ADORABLE!

  4. I love it!!
    I posted a link to your blog on my Facebook. I wish my friends knew his work.

  5. Lucy is beautiful and growin so fast! Love it!


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