Y'all Are Crazy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


This is Me. Just Little Ol' Me. 
(Perhaps I'm a Bit Crazy, Too.)

It seems I've acquired several new blog followers over the holiday weekend... Mostly owed to Pinterest and my Famous Flower, here. And I mean, I am SUPER flattered. I love that flower too, and have managed to eke out other crafty tutorials and un-tutorial'ed projects now and again.... I love my fleece mailbox, and have so much fun making burned fabric flowers, and this teeny bunting out of scraps.... And if you know me at all, you KNOW I'm a sucker for cupcakes...

But I am NOT super consistent on posting that great stuff... I simply am NOT a craft blog, though the cute stuff I make pops up now and again. I'm just.... Well, I'm what I say I am at the start--- 

"...homebody, amateur philosopher, professional photographer, mama and wife. This is my little world-- a place for me to preserve the little snippets of my life that bring me joy, make me think, or show my creative leanings..."

And it just BOGGLES me to have all these new followers. And I say again, Y'ALL are CRAZY. This blog is NOT going to keep your attention. I am, above all, a rambling journaler who overshares her life--- that's the "amateur philosopher" part of all this--- in the hopes that someone, somewhere, can find hope/joy/commiseration/humor in shared life experiences. That somehow, my life journey will connect with someone else out there. That through blogging, I can add some CONNECTION in my world and in the world of others. 

But crafty brilliance? New, fresh tutorials? Brilliant photography? Amazing things to pin and pin and pin? 

Notsomuch. I'm basically a fraud with no original ideas anyway... Ha! (Especially since Pinterest. Wow!)

So. If you're a new follower.... welcome. I mean, of COURSE you're invited to stay awhile. Perhaps my special brand of crazy is just up your alley. 

But if you get through another week or two and it's just me, talking about my mood swings and my cranky baby, and all you get to see are pictures of said cranky baby, and you get TERRIBLY BORED, well..... I'll completely forgive you if you UNfollow me. 

Just know: sometimes--by the grace of God and napping children---- there WILL be new crafty fun. Maybe even a tutorial now and again... And some photos of things other than my kids... And MAYBE we'll end up really getting along, you new readers and me... Just maybe. 

I'm cool with whatever. 
(STAY!!! LOVE MEEEE!!!)(awkward.)

(And isn't that photo up top GRAND??? Yeah, that's really me. Like TEN YEARS AGO. Sarah, Katie, remember?? Rochelle? Who else remembers that pic?? Gosh, I was skinnier then. Hm. I never expected to be the fat old lady bemoaning skinnier days, and here I am. Ack. And yeah, I still nearly snort soda out my nose when I look too closely at those glasses. Good times... good times....)


  1. Just want to say, you are so NOT old and fat. sheesh! lol!

  2. I'm a follower that found you from your crafts but stayed for your honesty, transparency and humor. I'm due any day with my first little bundle of baby and I love reading about your crazy days, peaceful moments and abundance of gratitude. I have a mountain of blogs I check but yours is always first. :) Keep on keepin' on!



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