"Truth For Mature Humans"

Monday, September 5, 2011

I found this on Pinterest via my friend Stef. I was nodding the ENTIRE TIME. 

Any of these ring true to you? Anything make you feel sheepish? Anything NOT fit you? 

At the very least, I hope some of these make you smile/nod/laugh.... It'll get you started on your week in the right mood!

Oh my goodness...... SERIOUS TRUTH. I wish I'd written it! :) Not sure who to give credit to, but here's the pin from Pinterest....

Happy short work week!


  1. Turth. Just sayin' (and being THAT guy at the same time). Seriously and literally laughed out loud at many of these. I'm stealing the link and putting it on Twitter.

  2. So funny. For some reason I would rather carry ten grocery bags cutting in to my fingers and Tate's car seat up our flight of stairs rather than take two trips. I mean TWO TRIPS? Whoever heard of such a thing.

  3. I LOL'd at this last night and just did again. So true! :)

  4. Oh my WORD, those are not only funny, but true! I laughed a little too hard at just the first one ; ) Thanks for sharing...I needed that!

  5. HILARIOUS and so true!


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