Some Random Stuff: Noah and Simple Gifts

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Having just gotten back from a whirlwind trip out to Utah for my sister's wedding, and trying to get my two kiddos back into their rhythm, as well as trying to keep my own head above water with photo session editing and the usual housekeeping, I don't currently have a great deal of time to prepare a cohesive, clever, useful blog entry.

But I DO have an endless supply of random shots from my life that can always be tossed into a blog entry. Let's do that today, shall we?

Starting with my Noah...who, in these photos, is having a delightful time "styling" his hair that he had gotten wet with the hose outside. Who doesn't love to make spikes in their 'do while looking at themselves in the mirror?


Moving on, another typical Noah-style activity--- stick swords.

Which activity can also transition quickly and effectively to.......

Nostril Dowels.

(Seriously. Is he a 3-year-old boy or WHAT???)


In other news, I must send a shout of gratitude to the universe for the jabillion blessings and tender mercies that are put in my path, ALL THE TIME. Heavenly Father is looking out for me and giving me ample reason to feel gratitude and joy, and I need to be better at stopping, noticing, feeling that gratitude and joy, and sending a quick, silent prayer of thanks.

Two instances just this weekend where I had the opportunity to do just that happened at airport security, both leaving STL and coming back to STL. The first time, it was 5:00 in the morning and it was just Lucy and me the stroller (yes!! I took your advice, blog commenters, and brought the stroller! It SAVED MY LIFE. Thank you!!) and several bags and supplies. The line for security was, as usual, lengthy. I was plotting my meticulous list of what to do to get through without causing too much of a backup-- Start with shoes/belt. Put those in the tub. Then put the camera bag in a tub and the diaper bag in a tub. THEN take out the blankets from the stroller and only unbuckle and extract Lucy at the last moment. Once she's out, unclasp the car seat portion one-handed and set it on the conveyor, and then finally, one-hand-close the stroller and hike it up there.... it's gotta run like clockwork!!

In the midst of my plotting, a brusque, big, mean-looking black lady from Security came to my area of the line and began waving people over to a newly-opened line. Three, four, five people were waved over. Then her eyes fell on me. She asked, "Do you have everything ready to go?" I said I did, and she waved me through as well. She then closed the line and followed me. I thought she was annoyed with me, being a troublesome stroller/baby mama type, but no--- suddenly, she was getting tubs out for me and taking my bags. She took everything I had and helped me put them in bins. She didn't even stop to see if I needed help. Once Lucy was out, she whisked my stroller/car seat combo away, telling me I didn't have to break it down and she'd go scan it separately. Before I could even really grasp what was going on, I was through the dreaded security and out the other side, and still she was there--- helping my bags off the belt, helping me get the baby back in the stroller. She never even stopped to wait for a thank you--- she just did it. She was truly an angel. (And I DID thank her!)

You can bet your tail I was saying a huge prayer of thanks under my breath as I walked away from there, stunned by her gracious gift.

And then, somehow, it happened AGAIN.

Four days later, on the way back to STL, in the Salt Lake City airport, and I was running a bit late. When I got to the ticketing area, I saw a massive long line, and quickly determined that it was the line for security, SO long that it wrapped around OUT of the appointed area for security and out into the ticketing area. It was a SCARY LONG LINE. I was anxious getting my bag checked, getting ready to get in line---- worried I was going to miss my flight completely. I got in line and noticed a security fellow ushering people to the line, helping them to get to the right place since this line was not in the usual area. He spied me, came directly over, and said, "There's a special services line right over there, if you want to get in line with your stroller." (SEE, bloggers?? The stroller advice??? PAID OFF AGAIN. Amazing and miraculous!) He walked me over, and I am not kidding you--- he moved me from a line of hundreds of people to a line with ONE family in front of me. ONE FAMILY. No one else ahead of me.

That one nearly made me cry. What a blessing. A true moment of grace.

And ya know? Life is like that more than we know. These gifts... these moments... they are there, happening all day, if we just look for them.

Sometimes they are subtle and fleeting...things you have to really watch for.

Other times, they are literal gifts, and even though they may seem like a small gesture to the one giving them, they can change a whole day for the person receiving them.


One evening last month, someone ding-dong-ditched us with a doorstep full of dinner.

This cute basket, filled with a simple, healthy, flavorful dinner, all with notes attached for information on how to prepare things, was left on our doorstep. The giver even included cookies AND cookie dough.


I am still completely in the dark as to who might be the giver. There was only one clue, pretty cryptic,  and Joe and I have discussed the possibilities at length... But the thing is, I think the giver didn't intend me to know. And ya know what? That means that I have warm fuzzy feelings about TEN individuals I think it could be instead of just one individual, and that just adds a whole bucketload of good energy back into the universe. It was a marvelous gift. One that I was humbled to receive and grateful for with all my heart. And YUM, it was good!!

One more gift, just 'cause it's pretty. How about this chocolate raspberry tart? Oh, yeah, baby!


Nothing too elaborate-- this was just a sweet treat my friend Erin brought home for me after I babysat her littles. Believe me--- it was more than enough payment for the babysitting, since her kids are ANGELS. And something like this little treat can do WONDERS for lightening a girl's heart. Yum.


Anyhoo.... Randomness. A little of this, a little of that... all of it good good good. 

Back to work for me, for now. One day, I'll manage to get some cohesive blog posts done... maybe even some recent sessions?! eh-- who am I kidding? I think I'll be behind forever. It's life. 

Happy end-of-the-heat-wave for all you in the Midwest, and here's to a great rest of the week for all of us!


  1. I love random acts of kindness!

  2. That tart looks AH-MAZING! Did she make it or did it come from somewhere, because now I must find one!

    What I love about your posts is how you truly look at life through grateful eyes. That doesn't mean that things aren't tough sometimes, but you always have a grace-filled perspective. And I swear, your photos just make everything seem more fun, more fabulous, and more beautiful. So keep up your great gift to the world! Thanks for giving ME a great little perspective on my day, and some fabulous eye candy that makes me smile (seriously, that nostril dowel made me snarfle out loud).


  3. Hey lady! I just emailed you. It does sound like you are ready for a few hours of freedom. Lets do this!

  4. This post made my cry. <3


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