Pinterest is Changing My Life.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Okay... that title is a bold statement. And perhaps it's not LITERALLY changing my LIFE... But it IS making it oh-so-much better!

What is Pinterest, you ask?

Oh, just a lovely lovely place online where you can store visual bookmarks of all the marvelous things you come across on the web... recipes, perfect throw pillows, craft tutorials, landscape photos, cute shoes... ANYTHING, really. Pinterest helps you organize your bookmarks into "boards", categorized ANY way you dream of. Then, when you're ready to revisit that bookmark, its there on your boards, pretty and appealing, with the original link intact. AWESOME.
Okay. But whoa. That's not all. Pinterest is a community. And all your friends are pinning amazing things, too. Suddenly, it's like you have a whole team of personal web surfers finding treasures that you'll love. And you are allowed to REpin their pins. Its encouraged! In fact, once you really get knee-deep in Pinterest, you kinda actually do less of your own online searching, and end up mesmerized by all the amazing pins already in the Pinterest universe-- a catalog of MILLIONS of amazing bookmarks from millions of people. So you repin and repin and repin  FABULOUS things.  It is basically just a beautiful, inspiring universe you want to live in.

Anyway. Besides the gorgeous things, I am finding and stockpiling a whole lot of clever ideas--- time savers, problem solvers, and other brilliance. And just yesterday, I got to use two of those clever ideas and WOW they simplified my life both times. I LOVE Pinterest!

Idea One: Packaging Cupcakes in Clear Cups
Pinterest link

I made these pretty little cupcakes Wednesday night, and needed to take some to a friend's house. 

I used my "ice cream cone" cupcake pan, so these cuppies have a bigger base that is a lot more tippy... So putting them in a standard cupcake carrier was a no-go. Enter the plastic cup idea. VOILA! Oh my goodness, SO PERFECT. I don't have a pic, but they fit perfectly... and the base of the cup fit perfectly in a standard cupcake tin, so I could still carry a bunch of cupcakes-in-a-cup on their own tray. They traveled so so well. THANK YOU, Pinterest!

Idea Two: Toothpaste To Help Hang Photos
Pinterest link

I don't have a picture of this myself, but here's the deal. I had 5 fabric-covered letters I wanted to hang on Lucy's wall. Each of these letters had two hanger hoops on the back. Anyone who has tried to align and hammer in nails for TWO loops knows what a pain it is to center, measure, and level these nails. I mean, I will sometimes have to try multiple times to get the nails right so that the item will hang on the wall. YUCK!! Enter my Pinterest repin. You dab a bit of toothpaste on the metal hangers... Then you place your picture or fabric letter or whatever on the wall how you want it. When you take it away from the wall, there's a teeny toothpaste mark left behind in the EXACT place where you should hammer your nail. COME ON. I hung those letters in record time and did not have to re-hammer any nails ONCE. AMAZING.


Okay. Not only is Pinterest helping me with these common household problems... but it has become the place I put all my "crafties to do one day" ideas now. And my "One Recipe and One Crafty a Week" project sends me straight to my boards every time. I've not posted any recently, but here is my crafty and recipe from a few weeks ago. The crafty:

Taken directly from the original idea, from a Dutch blog. (Heres the pin/Here's the original site) I did not even think of any of this on my own. TOTALLY borrowed. But oh-so-cute. And handy, right?


And the recipe:
from this pin.

Truly as easy as the pin and recipe describe, and AMAZINGLY tasty. I will be making this again, for sure!

(Forgive the crappy pics. My kitchen does NOT get pretty light).

So. Pinterest. Yes. More, please. (Feel free to come follow my insane pinning here: . I am addicted. It's embarrassing. But oh-so-fun. I am so inspired right now!)


But for those of you who couldn't care less about crafties and food and such, and only come here to see my amazing kids (*snort*, yeah right... Maybe the GRANDPARENTS come for that. The rest of you just endure my oversharing of the kids... Haha!)

Here's some recent Noah. He has his Old Mai on as a cape. He is eating a cocoa puff ball. He is telling you to HALT.


And here is Lucy in my FAVORITE of her summer outfits. I love this little romper so much that I will probably set it aside to be only hers and not a hand-me-down, and maybe frame it in a shadowbox one day. I just love it.


Oh, yeah... and I love HER, too. When she gives us those 20-minute Cute Spells, I just die over how amazing she is.




And that concludes my oversharing for the day. Oversharing my obsession with Pinterest. Oversharing my babies. 

I gotta get out more. 


Back to the grind, folks... Thanks for reading. I love that I can feel like I'm part of the world through blogging, even when I spend most days totally at home with two young ones who don't do well at adult conversation. :)


  1. Hey Em! The macaroons were soooo goood. I can't figure out how to find people on pinterest. I know I would love your boards. I gotta figure that out!

  2. Hmmm... I've avoided Pinterest for the VERY reason of NOT wanting yet another amazing thing to get addicted to. Even so. This post has me re-thinking my decision. How much time would you say you actually spend there? Knowing me, do you think I would be able to manage my time with it? Or would I end up spending inordinate amounts of time there?

    And seriously, I LOVE those monster knees!!! Wherever the original idea came from, I love that it's been shared and that you made some!

    Beautiful Lucy pics; typically amusing Noah pics.

    Good times.

  3. Pinterest ROCKS!! although it is very addicting. I'm actually having to limit my time on there, or I'll never get anything done!!

  4. I so love pinterest. I did avoid it for a long time because I was worried about having one more thing taking up my time. I am finding that there are so many tips and activities that make me want to do them right then, lol. So I have been trying to do a couple of my "pins" each day :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Some days I call my husband at work 4-5 times just to hear another adult voice! Sadly his business just expanded (ok, ok, this is actually a great thing, yay) but it means that they hired a secretary to handle the phones and so I no longer have a direct line to him and so the calling has been cut in half lately :( I actually just thought of getting him a cell phone specifically for this reason (he's a die hard cell phone hold out {weird} but I'm sure I could convince him that he needs one now just so that I can reach him with the latest updates (Hi honey, we just left the gym, we're going swimming, I ate a cookie, one kid colored the cat's face orange, someone cried, the van smells, etc) Yep, he'd definitely get one just for that! ;) Love the pictures, going to check out Pinterest soonishly.

  6. LOVE pinterest too...well, almost too much. Too adicting but AMAZING! And doesn't blogging make you feel human again, like you can contribute to society! I love that...because the three kiddos four and under don't really care what I contribute to society as long as it involves book reading, craft time and FOOD. Sorry for the rambling! Just wanted to tell you how much I love repinning your great finds...

  7. Thank you for introducing my to Pinterest, my new favorite thing. Thank you for having cute kids. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Thank you for being a good mom, a wonderful photographer, and thank you for loving food, baking, and crafting.

    Thank you for being a great sister.


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