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Monday, July 18

Green and Growing...

My mama passed along some purple pole bean seeds to me this spring...And though we had a rough start with them, and needed her to come back and help us nurture them to their now-abundant state, we are now officially endowed with some glorious bean vines and their glorious purple bean produce.


{Note also the tomato plants behind the hand in that shot... Tomato plants! Like I dreamed of in this post! Never mind the squirrels have been stealing the green tomatoes so far... Ugh.}

Meanwhile... Out of the blue, we noticed a pumpkin/squash/melon/gourd vine growing happily all by itself in the corner of our yard. Happy and independent. And NOT planted by us.


{I LOVE the curly-ques of these vines}

What a riot, right?? A thriving vine, NOT planted by us. Turns out that in the winter, when I threw out the mini pumpkins and gourds from our Fall decorations (I tossed them in the corner of our yard, thinking maybe some squirrels would eat them as winter food. Oh, the irony-- I WANTED to feed the squirrels then... but now they are eating my tomatoes and I DON'T WANT THEM EATING ANYMORE!), at least one of them managed to deposit a few seeds deep enough in our soil to get this vine growing. Happy surprise!

We are finally seeing what the vine is turning out to be-- not pumpkins like I was kind of hoping for, but a fun striped decorative gourd. We've been watching two of them grow plumper on the vine this past weekend. 

Ah, green things... It feels good to have a few in our yard that we are taking care of... Makes me feel like trying for even more next year!


(But let us not speak of the two separate Great Zinnia Massacres of 2011 at this time. The wounds are still too raw.)

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  1. You are so fun! I love this post! My granny always had to keep those little metal grate fences around her tomato plants.