Ten Minutes of FreeTyping.... GO.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I looked and looked for a photo to go with today, but nothing really fit. I have portrait-style photos of Lucy, some lifestyle shots of Noah being a goony-goo like he usually is... Some sessions I have long-neglected to share....

But nothing that said, "Random. Today. Now."

'Cause really, I don't have any tales to tell, no problems needing solving... I'm just sitting here at the end of a week, a week that went by really quickly, and I have the itch to journal... blurt, freewrite, let some of this mind-jumble out... 

So. No photos, I s'pose. Just ten minutes of Free Typing. Ready, set, go. (Except I've been typing for 3 minutes already, so now it's seven minutes.)
I really need a new blog header. Actually, I need a blog overhaul, and even have a designer lined up to do it... I've just been really slow to give her my list of "wants" for her to get to work. Oops. Lots of things on the back burner as I adjust to the New Normal. Oh well.
Lucy is currently bawling her little head off in Joe's arms as he tries to soothe her to sleep. Based on most of my reports, this might sound like the usual evening, but the honest truth is, Lucy has turned the Colic Corner in the past two weeks or so, so for the most part, the Super Unhappy Baby is less and less common. But tonight, she is fighting the same cold I have suddenly come down with, and if she feels anything like I do (and I suspect she does), her head aches and her throat is dry and her nose won't stop running. Not-so-fun. Especially when you're a wee, tiny little 3-month-old who has never been sick before. :( Poor Lucy. (Poor Joe, so patient with her!)

Noah is in a massive bubble bath to my left, and I am typing on the lappy. He never takes baths anymore--- he's a shower guy-- so this is rare and funny.

I'm over this Missouri heat wave. NOTHING is fun in this weather, not even getting out to play in water, like we did yesterday when I loaded up the kids (Plural. Weird.) and went to the City Garden. I mean, once we were there and getting splashed and cooled off, it was okay, but this heat is so oppressive and smothering that getting there, then getting back, is just icky. Boo. I've even given up watering my little garden spots for now, when they need it the most, because there is simply nothing appealing about it at all. Poor bean plants. Poor flower boxes. Poor tomatoes. 

My mama came to town Monday/Tuesday to be my baby-holder... To help me get some stuff done around the house. It was AMAZING. She has been of such service to me since Lucy and I cannot thank her enough for how her help has preserved my sanity. On this week's agenda for her help-time--- get my dining room catchall piles OUT OF THERE. Sorted, put away, new homes found, Goodwill pile made, and so on... and it was a MONSTROUS task that had built up since Kate moved her things out in March. With being big-preggy at that time, then being hammered with New Baby Life after that, there just was never a good time to get that dining room back in shape. But now----HOORAY! Thanks to my mama holding Lucy, it feels like a whole new room!

Okay. Ten minutes up. Lucy still crying. Noah still playing. Time to go.

Wanna blog? Go do ten minutes of free-typing yourself. As you can see, anything goes. No thesis and conclusion necessary. I dare ya. 

And I'm out.


  1. Emily, it was fun reading your freewrite and relating to it so much. Emie and I have what sounds like the same cold, I thought saying "the girls" was strange at first too, heat, and life in general. I hope you guys feel better soon. Much love coming from AZ.

  2. So glad things are looking up!!! Love you!!


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