Day 26...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011






The vintage knit (crocheted?) coverlet is a treasure I found when Joe and I had our lovely weekend getaway to Rocheport, MO back in Feb. Yet another life event I never found time to cull/edit/share/enjoy after the fact. I lump it with many many other events in the last three years that have disappeared into my photo file archives and cry out to see the light of day. (Um, er, urgh... That turned into a guilt-tangent.)

ANYway. I loved the blanket when I saw it, and set it aside for Lucy. Love the yellow... 

Today's Randomness:
* Lucy has crashed out in my pouch sling for a naplet... I expect she'll doze for about 20-30 minutes on this one, at which time I can help Noah get down for his nap, feed her, then put her back to sleep for her longer afternoon nap. It's getting pretty predictable, her sleep, for which I am grateful. 
* Listening to my current iTunes mix of new favorite songs. Two are ones I fell in love with because of the show "So You Think You Can Dance"-- Ingrid Michaelson's "Turn to Stone" and the Cary Brothers' "Belong"... 
* Noah in under my desk chair on his tummy, playing with one of these a line I fell in love with when we saw them at the Indianapolis Children's Museum in February (um, yet ANOTHER outing never culled/edited/blogged/argh.)
* I desperately crave sweets all day, every day, and was dreaming of a junk food run to Schnucks... but instead I was frugal and stayed home and made chocolate chip cookies. Lucy was good the whole time Noah and I made the dough. I put 24 into the oven to bake.


* I am in despair. What a waste.
* I am looking pretty scrappy today: wet-hair-then-slept-on looking SKEERY, saggy old pajamas, no makeup... It's not cute, even in a scrumpy, boho, gypsy way... which I try to pull off sometimes. 
* SO many dishes piled up for me to tackle. But there's never a GOOD time to do it unless I let Lucy fuss/cry. Boo. 
* When Noah goes down for his nap and I get Lucy asleep, I'm a-gonna nap myself. So there. Dishes, you will continue to wait. I must recover from last night's late late night. 



  1. 1. I LOOOOVE that blanket! It's stunning!

    2. Talk about despair! You KNOW how I would feel if I burned homemade cookies!!!! Sheesh! I am hurting for you, girl!!

    3. I am totally addicted to SYTYCD. They have the best music EVER!!!


  2. I remember this day :) I got to be the "photographer's assistant"!

    Sorry to hear about the cookies :(

    Glad to hear about Noah's cars and your new favorite songs :)

    Love your way!

  3. PS - clicked the link to the cars website you gave and I love that they have little girls playing with them, too... are you paying attention, Lego?

    (OK, off my mildly feminist soapbox now)

  4. Oh, she is so cute! One quick Q though--how does the bow stay on her head?


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