Sitting On The Couch With a Sleeping Baby....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

She's not having a great day. She had a rough last part of the night and has been hard to soothe since. And REALLY hard to keep asleep. She'll go to sleep pretty easily, giving in to all my tricks... But once I set her down, even if it is right beside me on the couch (usually a favorite spot), she only stays asleep for maybe 10 minutes before she's straining, groaning, and rousing. AGAIN. So. At the moment, she is in my arms, and I am actually typing with both hands, slowly... kinda creating a rocking motion that is NOT waking her, surprisingly. 

What else can I do, since my plan to nap while she naps is clearly being thwarted? So I'm watching episodes of Eli Stone, sipping hot cocoa (why is it cold outside again?? My feet can't seem to get warm!!)... My messy damp hair in a small ponytail, the little lady snugged in a sweet pink swaddle... We're in this for as long as I can get her to nap, this time in my arms, no more attempts to set her down for now. Maybe when Joe and Noah get home from church, Joe can relieve me and I can get that nap I REALLY yearned for this morning. 4.5 hours of sleep is simply not enough. 

Eli Stone. Anyone else seen this one-season gem? It's just my style--- dramatic-yet-witty, elements of fantastical surrealism, singing characters, and more and more heart, the further I get into it. If you HAVE seen it, can you warn me if it ends without good closure, like many one-season shows do when they don't get a chance to wrap up their storylines like they thought they would? I would appreciate knowing in advance if this will go out with a whimper, not a bang. 

Hot cocoa. I'm drinking it out of my new blue mug with white polka dots. It's a rich, hot cup, and I'm enjoying each sip. I always see these Facebook/Twitter statuses (statii?)about friends and their mugs of coffee, and they charm me. I want to be a mug-carrying gal--- cupping my hands around the warm ceramic, staring out the morning window at, oh, I don't know--- fog... rolling farmland... whatever those gals always stare out at in coffee commercials. Often with a pashmina shawl draped casually around their J Crew-pj-clad shoulders... Coffee drinking= charming. But since I don't drink coffee, I don't get to really have those Folgers Moments. Not really. So whenever I do take the time to actually make some cocoa, I like to pretend I'm one of those Folgers Gals. I'm hip, ya know?

Messy hair. I am in this awkward "in between" stage with my hair-- I went from the short curly phase I maintained for TWO YEARS to that recent "two low ponytails" phase that came accidentally out of my shorter hair growing out a bit... Then when it came time to cut my hair back to that two-year style, I hesitated. Kept the ponytails. I thought, if I'm going to be in the hospital having a baby, then home in pajamas for the next few months, maybe I'll be happier with hair I can pull back. Which is a good idea, in theory. Except this current length is almost too long to rock the two ponytails now, but still too short to go into a single ponytail worthy of public appearances. And just wearing it down? FORGET IT. So ugly!!! So I get to wait. Throw it into whatever configuration I can from day to day, and wait for more length. Or until I go too crazy and cut it all off again. *shrug*

Lucy. In her soft pink swaddle--- a fun new one recommended in my mama group the other week: a WOMBIE. It's pink and new and she looks like such a GIRL and/or a caterpillar in it. I kinda love it. LOVE. Except whenever I think about the name of the thing, I accidentally think the word "WOOMBA", which then makes me think of that hilarious, kinda inappropriate SNL skit parodying the ROOMBA vacuum. Ya seen it? Ya know what I'm talking about? Yeah. Definitely NOT  a WOMBIE. Oops! :) Anyway... Lucy is also snuggling with the softest microfleece baby blanket in the universe, from Land's End. It was a gift and has her name on it, and it is seriously the sweetest color of pink and RIDICULOUSLY SOFT. Love it!!

So yeah. That's me. Waiting out this nap of hers with her still in my arms, jiggling to my stilted typing... Anchored to this couch with no chance of a nap of my own just yet. Living in the moment and not letting it get to me. 

 All while sipping some cocoa like I'm cool or something.


  1. Timmy loved his woombie and can't wait to use it with baby brother. Best swaddled ever!

  2. Lucy is so adorable in her pink woombie! I want one for looked so cozy. And your hair...don't worry about it, it looked fine. I hope you were able to catch a nap after we left today. <3

  3. Hi Emily! I will have to get one of those woombies, so great. I think you are cool, shawl or not, coffee or cocoa. I know that feeling when you are hoping for a nap but that baby just won't sleep. Its hard to let go of what you wanted the day to look like. Hope you squeeze some good naps in this week!

  4. Grow out your hair and go spend the big bucks to get my hairdresser to turn it into something truly fabulous. He is worth EVERY PENNY! I am very, very picky about my haircuts and I am truly concerned that now that he's cut my hair I will never be satisfied with another haircut again. Ask Logan. I've truly been agonizing over the thought of him not being able to cut my hair anymore. :) He can fix anything. He turned a butchered beauty school cut of Ann's into a darling hairdo!

    Justin at Philip Johnson Salon (by my house) (about $40 and worth EVERY PENNY!)

  5. I love reading your thoughts, they never fail to spread a smile on my face.

  6. Go for hot tea. So many good flavors. Or, my friend from high school started heating plain water in the microwave in the winters. She'd add a lemon and be good to go--something hot, no caffeine, cool mug. I think a blog post with pics of women staring out with coffee mugs would be great. It would be interesting to ask for thoughts while staring.
    Good luck with everything!


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