A Little Help?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little help, if you please...

I bought the cutest upcycled wool diaper cover/soaker a couple of months ago, in anticipation of Lucy's arrival. It was so cute in the photos, and one-of-a-kind--- I couldn't wait to feature it in one of her newborn shots.


First, Lucy was so tiny after coming home from the hospital, and then she stayed tiny... so it never really fit in her first 30 days.

Second, and more importantly, um... the proportion has turned out to be a little.... odd. I'm not sure what to do with this issue.

Let me show ya:


Cute, but.... what do I do with this? It's SO high-water! I bought this purely for show, and am not a cloth-diaperer... so maybe I'm missing something in the reasoning for the high-waisted design. Perhaps it is functional from a cloth-diapering standpoint?

So help. What do I do? How can I use this photographically? Is a baby going to be cute in this without the onesie and just the cover on? Do I roll the waist down (but lose that cute button detail)?

Give up on it as a photo prop and just use it for functionality?

Any thoughts are totally appreciated!

But while we're here, why not enjoy a few more snaps from Lucy's brief "cheerful time" today?


She's six weeks old this very day. They say the fussy/colicky phase peaks around now, so I am crossing every finger and toe that she is going to be on the upswing of cheerfulness and self-sustaining calmness soon. I could use a break from the constant holding/soothing... I mean, it's fun to cuddle a sleepy newborn... But this has been rough, too. There're a lot of times I'm not holding a sleepy babe, but a screamy one. It's draining.

But every day we get at least one or two small windows of calm, alert cuteness...



And I LIVE for those moments.


and Noah and I try to excavate pockets of our old life out of this new one, and I truly cherish my moments with just him more than I ever imagined I would. I love that kid.


(Like that sling across my chest? It's a lifesaver when I have to tend to the boy... Plop the baby in there, whether she likes it or not, and have two hands to make a peanut butter sandwich/wipe a face/change a diaper/pick up a mess)....

We are managing. And still making it from good moment to good moment and enduring through the rocky ones. It's all good.

Well... that's all today... I wasn't planning this post, but then I was changing the babe's diaper and saw those wool soakers and decided to put them on now that they fit, and the rest sort of happened... I laughed at the odd waistline, decided to grab a few pics while she was calm, and here we are. An unplanned, but kinda fun candid post. And the babe is sleeping in my arms this very minute, so I have time to get this posted. La la la. Random.

To close, let me show you the cutest little taggie toy Lucy got as a baby gift from a girl in our ward. It is the cutest thing ever. And Lucy actually stared at it with interest today. She'd growing up, that  bugger is. 


Okay... I'm out. Going to use the rest of Lucy's and Noah's naptime to try to edit more 30Days pics... time like this is precious.

And get back to me on those wool soakers, will ya? I need to know what you'd do with them. :)


  1. Good luck. Would like to know how to use that too. It's adorable. Wonderful pics as usual.....cute taggie!

  2. Ok here is my opinion...first off remove the onesie and take one that way...if it still looks slightly strange try folding it down but inward so you don't lose the adorable button detail. (like fold at the pink stripe). Good Luck!

  3. Hey Em-
    Let me first say that you and baby Lucy are looking absolutely lovely! she is a beauty.

    As for the soaker, it is supposed to be folded down. They are made long like that in order to make the rise adjustable to accommodate growth. You also have to take into account that cloth diapers are considerably more bulky than disposables and, thus, need roomier clothing.

    I agree that you should just fold it in just above the button. What an adorable soaker and a great find!

    Hope all is well :)

    (p.s. this is my second attempt at a response. Hopefully the first one doesn't reappear at some point b/c then I might look somewhat silly)

  4. Could you fold it down but use your uber-crafty-mama skills to remove the button and sew it back on to the part that will show after you've folded it down? Does that even make sense?

    I love the colors so you must find a way to use it. oh and definitely lose the onsie :-D

  5. Can I please mention how freaking skinny you are?!

    Also, I vote for folded down on the soaker thinger.


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