Day 12, Day 13...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is the shot I was going for on day 11, when Lucy wasn't sleeping deeply enough... She cooperated for me the next day... And my sweet sister-in-law Tamara was on hand for help and to entertain me while I set things up for the shot. Thanks, Tam! :)


And Day 13 was the Easter Bunny day, which you've already seen... But here is a funny series from earlier that day, when Lucy was modeling a sweet hat she got as a gift from the kind, lovely Rebecca Morfeld, a fellow photographer and good friend.


I added the flower as an afterthought, and Lucy was clearly OVER IT very quickly. I think she'd have stayed happier without that added weight clipped to her noggin. Oh well. The series makes me smile anyway.

That's all, for now.



  1. So glad Lucy liked the hat...even if for only a minute. This series makes me smile also. See... :)

  2. ha ha ha...the pics turned out so great!!! Glad I could help out a bit (or was I just in the way???). Anyway, it was a lot of fun seeing your work your "magic" and get the inside scoop on how all these cute poses are accomplished. It makes me appreciate what you all do to get those cute shots even MORE! Such patience, lemme tell ya!!! ♥ the green swaddle, btw.

  3. That middle picture just melts my heart! She's such a beautiful baby!

  4. Love the side by side pics. Haha! :)


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