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Saturday, May 28

Miss Lucy, Day 17...


What I love:
the flaky newborn hands
the little bow, one of dozens hand tied by my friend Sarah
the stripe-y sweater sleeve
her alert eyes, newborn grey
her clutching hands, fisted and tiny
her between-brow wrinkle, always maker her look a bit mad, or like she just woke up
those lips!


And if you're keeping track, I'm more than halfway done editing and posting the 30 Days of Lucy project! Want a recap? You're gonna love this!

From days 1,2,3 (all hospital snapshots), to day 6 (Lucy's FreshArt newborn session), and all the mama-shot minisessions in between, here is Lucy, day 1 through day 16:


Now let's go forth and have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. I am going to paint the baby girl's nursery, and I have my first photo session back after my maternity leave... And Monday is the Gypsy Caravan and maybe the U. City fair, if we have the stamina.... 

Enjoy your three-day weekend!


  1. I still haven't managed the Gypsy Caravan, even though I think you talk about it every year!

    I think I need a reminder WAY early so I can get it on my radar and actually make it happen. Otherwise, I just think "Memorial Day - no big deal - I'll just stay in IN, no need to drive a long way..." And then, here I am...

    Oh well - enjoy!

  2. LOVE the photo montage. What a beautiful little girl you have. Can't wait until I can finally meet her one day!

  3. Love the collage! What an angel!!

  4. Emily my dear, what a sweet baby girl. She is beautiful and will be grown and married soon so slow down and enjoy her. Love you and enjoy your blog! Janine