Day Ten--From April 21:

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today is Day 26 of my 30 Days of Lucy... But I'm getting behind on sharing them all. Tonight, since it's past my new, early bedtime, I only have one to share. But I love it--- my sweet, curled up, pink, sleeping baby girl. 

A few notes on the REALITY of Lucy:
She is a fussy kiddo... so as peaceful and lovely as she looks in her photos, I definitely get plenty of the opposite behavior. It's... teaching me a lot. Let's just say that for now. Yesterday was one of her bad days, but today she has been mostly lovely, so I won't jinx it by going on and on about the fussy times. For now. 

Joe and I have worked out a really good Night Plan. He takes the Early Shift, from 9:30 pm-1am (ish). I feed the babe, pass her off, and he is in charge of her during his shift. Mostly, she sleeps, so he sleeps, too. But if she were to wake and fuss before 1:00am, he is in charge of dealing with her. His shift takes place in our living room, so he sleeps on the couch for that stretch. That way, I can sleep in our room with NO baby noise until 1:00am. It's been WONDERFUL. 

Lucy stirs around the end of this shift, and Joe brings her to me for my shift. I wake and feed her, and Joe collapses into our bed. I get her back to sleep, and go back to sleep myself. Between 1:00am and 7:00 am, I am in charge of the babe, and she wakes one or two more times to eat in that time. I get to sleep, but it is more broken. Joe gets his long stretch at this point. 

All in all, it is working for both of us in terms of sleep deprivation survival. Of COURSE we miss the old days of REAL sleep... but this team effort is keeping us sane. 

And I've said it before, and I'll say it a million more times--- I have an AMAZING hubby, and couldn't do this without him. 

Okay, off to bed. I'm typing instead of sleeping!!


  1. Love you Em! She is so beautiful. That is the same thing we did with our kids, but Glenn went until 2 am :)... he he! An extra hour means a lot when you are sleep deprived! Good luck through it all. Also, my pediatrician in Utah was amazing (he is Aunt Steph and Uncle Dave's too- he teaches at the U of U as well. Awesome guy) and he said that lots of studies show that babies increase in fussiness and peak at two months, and then get better. A bit of hope!

  2. We did that too, although I found myself asleep by 8-8:30-1am. It was so crucial to my sanity in those early weeks. I hope it works again this time. :)

  3. Good man!! Teamwork is essential, but some men won't do it. Glad you have your good Joe!!

  4. You are so very blessed!


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