Why Can't I Log Out and Go To Bed?!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New bad habit: 

I finish the editing/whatever task I have at night, and then I just compulsively drift from email to Facebook to Twitter to message boards and back to email--- rinse, repeat..... and though nothing new turns up, and I am ZOMBIFIED by hours in front of the computer, I cannot just LOG OFF and go to bed. It's icky. 

Since Joe has begun his "real" job, he goes to bed at 10:00pm like a good boy. But my "work shift" is still 8:30pm-midnight so I don't fall behind on editing/emailing/designing/etc. But with Joe already in bed, the draw for me to get my butt up there is not strong. No one to chatter with as I go to sleep--- can't have the light on to read myself to sleep.... and no one is gently nudging me OFF the computer... I kinda miss Joe going to bed at midnight with me. *sigh* 


I think I'm gonna have a writing week next week--- try to consciously write an introspective post about some of the cool epiphanies I've been having, and try to do this every day next week, starting with Monday. Hey, if we're lucky, I'll even try to have some personal images to go along with the words, just in case you are getting bogged down by a ton of posts with just writing. Blech. Boring. :)
It'll be a good exercise for me.

and I've also been itchin' to do another "wordless week" like I did this past winter... so maybe that idea will resurface. 


I'm still pretty zen from my 28-day "reset experience", so I've been able to shrug off anxiety or stress about getting things done or keeping my expectations too rigorous. So if all these ideas never come to pass, well.... Meh. I'll live. I'm happy. 
But I do like the bloggggggin thing... so I'm gonna at least try the writing thing next week. 

Okay, Internet. STOPPPPPP luring me! I am signing out and going to BED. For reals. 

{ETA: I totally posted this, then.... you guessed it.... checked email one more time. LAME.}


  1. oh. my. I do the SAME thing. its like a ritual that is done without thinking. Like why do I really need to see who got another pig for their farmville just shy of midnight as I am heading off to bed.. or the email.. am I REALLY going to reply to a client at 1am, like think they are waiting on the edge of their seat for me to reply? geesh. I know exactly how you feel. trying to wean myself of this cycle as well. Looking forward to your writing next week!

  2. Brandi-lee10:07 AM

    Haha, you totaly sound like me, I even say to myself that I will just check flickr(or whatever it happens to be last) and THEN thats it!!! BUT, yep, end up finding something else I need to check again!
    Thats why I avoid facebook, my life cant fit in another thing to keep checking :D

  3. It is a sickness. I canNOT log off without checking facebook (there might be something new!) and email (maybe that client responded!) and on and on and on. Of course, I KNOW it is a sickness. But not one I'm willing to ween myself off of. Sigh.

    Looking forward to writing week. You rock.


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