Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday nite, 11:34pm.... After wrestling with my slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow internet all night (I just wanted to watch a movie or the rest of the new Glee episode while I edit, Mr. Internet? PLEASE??) I finally settled into some good editing while watching a DVD (When In Rome--- I was thoroughly happy with it. Don't knock me for giving in to cutesie movies. They were made for folks like me!). I'm working on the fun "bessie" session I talked my sister and her friends into, and I'm loving it! Editing is kinda fun these days, now that I have less of it.

But now it is 11:38, and ya know what? As per my new philosophy of life, I'm not gonna sweat the deadlines just now. I have a few more days to finish these photos... And my sweet hubs is actually gonna go to bed at the same time as me tonight instead of the work-week hour of 10:00pm... So I have a friend who's awake RIGHT NOW to go hang with, and it would be remiss of me to stay on this computer any longer editing. 

Or writing, for that matter. 

So.... Lofty as my goal is to write something every day this week, this little blurt will have to do tonight. I have someone really important to me waiting for me to go snuggle with him on the couch. 

And THAT is how I live my life these days. Remembering to remember what is the most important to me. 

G'night, all! Happy weekend!


(enjoy this lil' old pic of my sweetheart and me, in the first weeks of our dating, spring 2004. Taken with my film camera set on self-timer, set in the grass in front of us. It's still one of my very favorites:)


  1. so cute! you look WAAAAY into him!

  2. What a funny pic! He looks like he's leering lustily at you! :)

  3. that picture of you and joe is SO sweet! kevin and i went on a blanket date like that when we were first liking each other- wish i had a picture:) hope you guys are doing well~


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