Sunday, September 12, 2010

The last scene of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, is pure perfect HOME.

After all the adventure, after the questing and uncertainty and fear and yearning, there is this hobbit, coming back to his small, warm, living home.  

He walks along the country road and his young daughter runs out to greet him. He picks her up as he goes into his picket fence gate, where his sweet wife and chubby baby wait for him by the door. Sam, holding his daughter and looking at his family, says, "Well, I'm back." And.... yes, he is longing for some things still--- in his case, he is aching over the goodbye he has just shared with his best friend.... He is feeling a hollow spot for things once experienced... But as he stands in that circle of love, his small front garden of flowers blooming abundantly around him, his beautiful little family standing close and so overjoyed to see him.... He realizes--- all he has is all he needs.

And it is beautiful. The simplicity of his little house. The purity of his two children. The devotion of his wife. They will go on to lead a humble, non-exceptional life together. No accolades from the world... not anymore. No grand adventures to other realms... Not anymore. It's time to settle in and just BE. And be content and allow the joy to settle in and take over. It is beautiful. 

That, to me, is home. Peeling away the worldly trappings... the craving for outer acclaim and success... Stripping bare my life until only the things that really matter are the things I dedicate my energy to. Home--- a beautiful, simple, pure, devoted place where I am accepted just as I am and where I can revel in the incredible love I share with the people in my life. 

This is what I have been yearning for, and working towards for a long time now. This is TRUTH, to me. 

And when I see TRUTH, and it resonates, I want to hold onto it. 

Home. I just saw a glimpse of what my perfect HOME is. Now to hold to it, and work for it, and keep it always. 

Anyway... just some musings, after watching the end of my favorite movie of all time. 

On to this coming week.... may we all have pockets of peace among the noise! Always my goal. G'night!


  1. Brandi-lee2:53 AM

    I love 'a pocket of peace amoungst the noise'.....perfect fit for my family!

  2. At work tonight, I had "The Return of the King" playing in the background (it was on TNT) and relived all the amazing moments, including your peaceful one. Now I want to live in a hobbit hole (a bigger one), with my hairy feet on a stool talking about how wonderful life and "Lord of the Rings" is.

  3. Did you write this because you watched the last scenes of Return of the King on TNT? Dad and I did so it is fresh in my memory as I read your post.

  4. I was watching that on TV, too! one of my favorites!!


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