Uh Oh.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Damn you, McDonalds.

I don't have much willpower as it is. And I usually avoid you, but with Noah loving the chicken nuggets/apple dippers Happy Meal, whaddya gonna do? So I'll be faced with your new temptation whenever I cave and take Noah to the "M", as he calls it....


Gosh, I love cookies.

In other hilarity, check out what Noah got in his Happy Meal today:


She's so pretty....

Having a good summer, ya'll?? I totally am. :)


  1. we got a boy toy in our happy meal today. Luckily, Lilly doesn't care b/c she plays w/ her brother's toys. I am sure she would have like mermaid Barbie more than Annakin Skywalker. Too bad we can't trade. ;)

  2. OH NO!!!!! What a horrid thing to do to us mothers- we're exhausted and hungry by the time we cave and go there as it is... to do this to us is almost unforgivable. Are they delicious or too cake-like and tasteless? I am praying for the latter.

  3. So funny! We're all allowed a treat once in awhile. Noah getting the Barbie sort of reminds me of Niklas getting the green lady m&m cup with her sexy knee high white boots. Oh well... Makes me chuckle. Our boys do have a thing for the girls! When Niklas saw his lady cup he said "she's cute!!" Thanks for coming to visit last week! I really enjoyed your company. - Kelly

  4. Oh no. This is very bad. I don't know if I can resist a box of fresh baked cookies!


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