Hello, My Sweet.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Oh my Anthro birthday gift card... How gorgeous you are, coming to me each June from the store I love best. How much lovelier you get each year. I am liking the pinhole cupcake and ceramic candle necklace this year. The white on white is simply lovely.

Hm... now what to treat myself to at the store?

happy early birthday to me.


  1. That is a beautiful card- very classy. The STORE sent that? Wow- I know that store is kind-of pricey, but a store that pays that much attention to detail, that adds such an impressive personal touch to a birthday card (heck, even sending a birthday card it amazing!) is a store worth patronizing...

    Enjoy relishing the thought of how to treat yourself there!

  2. That's a necklace? How cute is that?!?

    Happy early birthday is right!

  3. Happy early Birthday! So many gorgeous choices in that store. Enjoy every minute you're there. xo

  4. So??? What did you buy? ;)

  5. OK--now I know I love you. Anthropologie is my very, very, above all favorite store on earth. I bought the best purse there at the beginning of the summer and "spent" my birthday card, also received in June (when is your birthday?), last month.
    I have to make a mini-pilgrimage to get to the store near me but it's well worth it! Anthropologie lovers unite!


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