Four Years Ago....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Four years ago we were in Italy.

I felt like a missing piece of me had been found.

I still feel a visceral loss when I let myself remember our time there.

We will go back, that is a promise.

It is when June gets hot and sticky here in Missouri that I remember that we were once in Italy.


  1. Oh heaven! What a gorgeous shot of the two of you as well. MY best friend was just showing me her pics from her Italy trip- I think that is a pilgrimage everyone should make sometime during their lives. Amazing.

  2. I remember when you guys went on thsi trip! So fun!

  3. I miss Italy almost everyday. It is a physical ache inside me. The good the bad, everything that came with living there, it was worth two years of amazing exploration. I vow to go back as well.

  4. you were in italy, france, germany.....and i am so glad you guys made that trip. four years ago i met YOU at a train station and then you spent the night at my house. well, joe was there too. :)

    and i know exactly what you mean. exactly.

  5. I had forgotten you two went to Italy. What fantastic memories you must have!

  6. I'm in Georgia right now with my sister Charla and it's so hot and sticky here too! It's made me think of when I as in Sicily as well! It's magical. In the photo of the two of you I can see such happiness and really relate to it.


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