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Thursday, June 3



Home... Back.

Back to life. Back to the house that needs a bit of tidying. Back to an email inbox that needs a LOT of tidying.

During my travels I got to see: my amazing mom and dad-in-law; Sarah and Nate Page (what a treat!); my sweet Kate S. that I have missed (and her ABUNDANT family!); Jessica H., stylista of Portland; the inspiring and serene Megan and Co.; gorgeous mama Terina and her fabulous pair of smarties; Kari and Rory, both so kind and smart; Sarah Rader, my long-lost BFF and her family; the spunky, REAL Lyn(say) and her trio of partners-in-crime.... A good haul, I'd say!

During my travels, I also:

Got to have Dole Whip. Eat at a luau. Explore Portland. And Tillamook. And Oahu. Took a LOT of naps.

Had a fun, unintrusive form of jetlag.

Drove in some of God's most beautiful places, both in HI and OR.

Read three novels.

Found a bit of myself again.

Missed Joe and Noah INCREDIBLY during Week Two, the week without them.

Had Portland cart food. And cupcakes. And pastrami cheese fries.

Stopped being stressed for a while.

Didn't cry once.

Held Joe's hand a LOT in HI.

LOVED the new, the inspiring, the spontaneity, the CHANGE.

Now that I am home, I am:

Trying to find "normal". But not wanting the old normal back at ALL.
Snuggling Noah a LOT.
Taking it slow. All shall be well.
Missing the list of folks above.
Feeling joy. Abundance.

To bed with me. I have done enough today. there will be time for the rest of my To Do List.


{Photo: my ONE photo goal the whole trip: get some silhouette shots. This is Honolulu, HI, our last night there. My favorite one is yet to come. I need to edit it for web...}


  1. While it was such a treat having you out here, welcome home!

  2. Sounds like that trip was just what you needed! I am so glad! Logan is enthralled by the idea of pastrami cheese fries. :)

  3. Its been a few weeks and I've managed to hang on to the new part of me I found - the relaxed, happy one. I hope you can do the same! So great to see you that afternoon!

  4. So glad you got away and had a great time! You've got me craving shave ice and a nice nap