A Toddler Day: Contest Winners, Musings, And So Forth

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh boy! I am SO late posting about last week’s contest. Seriously! I’ll tell you about my nutty month of May in a little bit, but first, I REALLY need to announce some winners….
I was DELIGHTED with every entry I got. I love seeing how other moms structure their days, and I love the ideas that come from each of you—things I might never have thought of on my own. I am absolutely going to post each entry here on the blog so all the rest of you mamas can benefit from the wealth of ideas. Look for those starting tomorrow, for SURE.
But today is dedicated to announcing the winners, and then I’ve got some talking to do.
The three winners of my Daily Routine Contest are:
Lindsay F. (Lilbear)
Michelle F.
Jessica L.!!
Woot woot!! I will email you girls about your prize sometime today, so for now, just revel in your glory and bask in the glow.Congrats!!
And now the “musings” part…
Where to begin? Joe graduates in four days, with his BA in French from UMSL. I am incredibly amazed and proud of him… mostly because he spent most of the last two years doing all his homework IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. I cannot tell you how impressed I ALWAYS get when I see him casually reading Balzac in FRENCH. Hot, I tell you. And now he’ll have a degree to prove how amazing he is. I love that guy!
We are celebrating his big accomplishment with a BBQ…. and his mama and papa are helping the celebration reach EPIC proportions by taking it one step further and, early next week, flying our little family to HAWAII.
did you catch that?
I STILL freak out every time I remember this is really happening.
So welcome to our crazy month of May! Graduation…. then a week-long trip to Hawaii, where Noah, Joe and I will get to hang out with Joe’s parents, sit by the ocean, explore the Dole Plantation and the Polynesian Cultural Center…. And just RELAX. For Joe, it will be the mental break he SO needs. For me, I will not think about photography business crap for even a MINUTE. And for Noah, it will be all about exploring, creating, and being loved on like crazy.
I am unbelievably, humbly, astronomically excited. What an incredible gift. (Thank you Mama Vicki and Papa Joe, if you read this. THANK YOU. I will likely say it 10,000 more times.)
Needless to say, we are trying to scramble like mad to tie up all loose ends. I am editing night and day to get all my May clients edited and uploaded before I leave so I have NO work hanging over me while I am gone. We are trying to get to the store to buy swim suits… summer clothes…. Joe has been frantically typing final papers (in FRENCH. Dang, that is hot.) and getting his final class requirements done…
The mood here is one of GO GO GO GO GO. Which will make Hawaii an incredibly wonderful contrast at the end of the craziness.
And so on to other things, briefly: I need to announce that grad schools did NOT see the magnificence in my husband that I see every day, and we will not be moving to new states and new schools this coming year. It has been….. a tricky, rough, learning time for both Joe and I this spring. A LOT of lessons in humility, communication, and FAITH. Man, the FAITH lessons…. so many of them, and 50% of the time I FAIL at it miserably.
But I announce this sobering news at a time when I have had a chance to come to grips with it…. time to cope and talk about it… time to even grieve a bit at this change in plans. So the news is coming at you from a family that is mostly past the yucky feelings and into the “planning for Plan B” stages. I am incredibly more optimistic and at peace today than I was two weeks ago. We are gong to be just fine. Truly. And in many many ways, I am excited that we get to stay in STL a bit longer. Never mind we are not getting from Point A to Point B in a linear fashion. We’ll still get there. Joe will reapply next year and they will all want him. I have to believe that. I have to believe that we are being sent on this side path for a reason, and I am beginning to TRULY mean it when I say I have faith it is all okay.
So. Please do not worry for us. We’ll take your prayers… and your love… But we are okay.
As for the rest of life… Well… We move forward. I am taking July and maybe August off from work so I can revamp some major portions of my business and catch a breath creatively. Joe is looking for new employment, since we both believe his time at the hospital job is WELL past its usefulness. We are still more than ready for another baby or two or three, and though that particular path has been up and down and the timing not always great (I swear there were at least FOUR months in this past 9 where it was simply the LAST thing on our task list… SO much other crap consuming our hearts), we have faith that the Lord still wants that for us as well. I try to not get impatient or irrationally resentful or all that other jazz that comes up when your efforts don’t always come to fruition like you plan.
And I am working on being positive again, after many many weeks of only seeing the bad stuff and letting it drag me under a bit. So far, I have to say, I have been succeeding quite well. With a little help from the Spirit and from incredible loved ones, I am smacking myself around and yelling at myself to OPEN MY EYES and see the gifts I am given DAILY… even if the gifts AREN’T newhousenewbabyhighpayingjobnewclothesgraduateschoollosingweight…
Because there is an incredible influx of OTHER gifts coming my way (HawaiiOregonNewEnglandSPCSTLGTGhappymailfromgorgeouspeopleprayersonmybehalf)
And I just need to switch the lens I am viewing my life with. To rose. ‘Cause my life IS gorgeous. Full of laughter and light and love and inspiration and incredible people.
So there.
There we are.
Musings complete.
Lastly, let me say—since I will be traveling for the rest of May, I am going to set up some blog posts that include recent sessions and the contest entries for routines. I’ll make sure there is still something to come visit for, so I feel I am still in touch with you all. Sound good?
Also… the trumpet photos? My mama had a spare trumpet at her home, so she brought it over one day for Noah to explore and enjoy. He can ALMOST get a real note out of it, if he takes time to make his lips correct. It is SUPER cute. And just another way I hope to nudge Noah toward exploring the incredible things this world has to offer. Art… music…. And so on.


  1. I love reading your posts Emily. It's great that I can hear your actual voice when reading these. So glad we have met & get to see you soon again. Give Joe & Noah hugs for Eliana and I. The photos of Noah & the trumpet well they are close to me as music is a big part of my family. Have a fun relaxing time in Hawaii but don't forget to take some photos for those of us left behind.

  2. It kind of seems like it isn't the Lambson way to get directly from point A to point B, professionally, that is... starting with our parents, and look around at some of the crazy detours we kids have been on... not that it's any easier when the Lord sees fit to send us where He wants us. Have you read Elder Hugh B Brown's story of the currant bush? That's what came to mind as I read the part about your future (let me know if you need the link).

    Meanwhile, I'm excited for you to get to go to Hawaii, and I'm glad you are counting your blessings and I'm glad you're my sister.

    Love ya :)

  3. *basking*

    Thanks, Em you guys enjoy your basking in Hawaii! Lucky duck! And even though I know it's not easy, don't worry too much about the rest... things have an interesting way of falling in to place. Hang in there!

  4. Haiwii?! That's so awesome- good for you guys! I am shocked Joe didn't get in for grad school this fall but I think you've got the right attitude about it. Moving away from St. Louis we realized how great it was to be there and had/ have to stop ourselves TONS of times from asking "Should we have stayed there for this year?" We miss all it has to offer, so at very least, you'll get to enjoy those things for a little while longer. p.s. Kevin's brother struggled getting into medical school the first year and then, because he waited and took some good opportunities in the interim he got into 10 schools the next year! hopefully that'll be your fate too:)

  5. i wonder if people think i'm hot when i read <>? it's no balzac or voltaire, but surely just as attractive, right????

    SO looking forward to the end of the month my friend. hoping you have some good ideas because i am a barren wasteland of good ideas. have fun in hawaii!!! oh how you guys need this.

  6. Thanks for your post. I've been wondering and wondering and wondering about how everything turned out. I'm sad for Joe - truly. I know how much this meant to him. I hope at least he got some feedback from his schools so that he can better prepare for next year's application process. On the other hand, I'm thrilled for your trip. I think this is just the thing you guys need right now. You will have a wonderful time, and the photos . . . ah, the photos you will take. I'm so looking forward to seeing what you capture. Have a wonderful time. Decompress. Enjoy. Relax.

  7. ok, i am wondering what happened to the title of my book up there!!

    "la petite taupe qui voulait savoir qui lui avait fait sur sa tete"

  8. Em,
    You sound like your "self" again. At the Dole Plantation, you must, must, must get the pineapple ice cream. Also hit the beaches on the North Shore, don't waste time on Waikiki.

  9. Relax and enjoy all of the good that there's waiting for you. :)

  10. Only have a second, but HUGE congrats on graduation and have a BLAST in Hawaii- the break will be so rejuvenating and deserved! We are trying to desperately not be jealous, so please take photos so we can live your trip vicariously. Sound good? Love you and love you good insight. I also have my list of specific blessings I am waiting on and forget to look at all those happening not on my list.... gotta take my blinders off some days! :)

  11. Tell Joe Congrats!! That is awesome!

    I am so excited for your little family to be taking such a needed break, enjoy Hawaii!!

  12. Love the pic's of Noah with the trumpet. Adorable! He is surrounded by creativity...he is bound for awesomeness! What a blessing! Congrats (to you both) on graduation! Yay! Many great and wonderful things to come...I can just feel it! Love you all!

  13. the water is turquoise.... little craps scampering in the wet sand, beating the waves into their holes... sweet air... flowering trees... oh, we can't wait! We are so grateful for you all

  14. Your words always manage to brighten my day. Thank you for musing! Have FUN in Hawaii, it's paradise with a side of adventure, so much to see and do.


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