Has It Really Been Over a Week?!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh my friends... I truly had every intention of blogging something with SUBSTANCE tonight. A tutorial, in fact...


My computer is torturing me with a new, fun slowness that is designed to DRIVE ME COMPLETELY INSANE.

Oh, some things, the old, usual things, tend to work okay--- I can type here on this blog, for example.... I can listen to iTunes. I can do most everyday things.

But when I try something a bit too newfangled, like certain things in Lightroom, or trying to watch a DVD AND surf the web simultaneously, the entire thing freezes up. Many of my workflow tasks are FREEZING UP.

And has been getting worse and worse.

Is it just because it is getting old? (summer 2006)

Is it because I have too much stuff on the hard drive?

Is it because my husband plays World of Warcraft and clogs up the system with gaming cookies?

Is it because it's a sign from God to quit the computer world forever?

I am going to go have a good, cleansing cry, because I am at my wit's end. How can I WORK if I WAIT TWENTY MINUTES for EVERY TASK?

This is so stupid.

Will blog more happy stuff at a later time.

For now, I am going to try not to think about the disaster that we would face if we had to replace this thing: both financially, and with all the stupid programs and files and things we would need to dig out of our massive pile of packed possessions to re-install onto a new machine.

I feel sick.

And tired.

And angry.

Farewell, for now. Happier things ahead.


  1. Ugh. I hate computer problems. Computers are both a blessing and a curse. I suspect it is a combination of being old and the World of Warcraft stuff. Good luck!

  2. ok, i say it's all joes fault!!

    but then really, i just got a new laptop on the lenovo website (not sure if you are a PC or a MAC girl) and it cost me less than $700. i bought a HUGE external hard drive (1 terabite which is ginormous) for just around $100. so, it might hurt a little, but not too much.

    only thing is that it has windows 7 (which i guess you could change when you are customizing it for yourself) which would mean a new adobe (cause my photoshop 6 won't work on here, well, at least i haven't tried it yet, we'll see).

    good luck my friend.

  3. What a pain! You should call Nate because many times he can walk you through a lot of that stuff. I love having my own computer guy on hand! :) And, hey, you should benefit too, even if it is from long-distance! Good luck, and sorry!

  4. I talked to Nate about it and he asked me to pass this along...
    "It is over heating- a fan on the processor or in the case is out. Or the memory isn't working right because of dust (causing it to overheat) or it is damaged (because of excessive heat over a period of time)."

    I hope that helps!

  5. Sounds like some PC housekeeping is in order. I'm doing the same thing here - about as fun as scrubbing baseboards, but it's gotta be done. Maybe wear a tiara when you do it? And put on some really awesome music (Abba and Lady Gaga do it for me). Then deleting cookies and defragging hard drives won't seem so boring!

    Oh, and I'm clearly not Marc, but I'm too lazy to go sign out and back in. :)


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