Emma's Sweet Birthday {St. Louis Children;s Photography}

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A session share! I have some January/February sessions to share, and have just been trying to get on here to blog my OWN stuff first... craftiness, photos of Noah, epiphanies about life as I do this "Artist's Way" journey.... Yeah yeah yeah....

But weirdly enough, as I go through the Artist's Way and do morning pages and all that... I find that I am not as drawn to the usual patterns of my online life at the moment... I dunno. Weird. Getting all my venting out on paper instead of online. Ha!

So... Til I can get my act together and do something more PERSONAL, here is the first of several recent shoots I've done that I LOVED doing...

This is Anna and Emma--- a sweet pair of sisters who came out to play for Emma's birthday. We did some sister stuff first, then Grandma came to take the little one home and Mom, Emma and I stayed and played some more, making this a special day and a special session just for her.

Wait til you see some of the cool stuff we did.... I was IN HEAVEN this whole shoot--- mom chose darling outfits, the girls were DELIGHTFUL, and I got to play with some ideas I've had in my head for a while now...

First, the sisters:

Cute, right?! Anna, the younger one, is Noah's age, and it was so fun to see how different the little girls are form the rowdy little boys these days... :)

And how about this sunroom off of our temporary home?!? I was able to shoot all winter long because of it, and I LOVE it!!


After Anna left, Mom pulled out a basket of her grandmother's china and glassware and we got to work setting up.... wait for it......

Oh yes-- the perfect little girls' tea party. Seriously.


I morphed the sunroom into a full tea party, while Emma's mom got out the family china and some of Emma's favorite stuffed critters. She also got to wear a special birthday tutu made just for this occasion.

I got the room all set up while Emma got dressed, and when she came into her tea party, it was TOTAL PLAY TIME... she didn't even notice a photographer was there. She just got down to the serious business of pouring lemonade for her animals and dishing up fruit loops and marshmallows.

I was utterly charmed... could NOT stop smiling.


This is up there as one of my favorite sessions of all time. Everything was just so dreamy, so full of light, so sweet, so genuine... It made me want to be a little girl again myself, and I KNOW it made Emma's birthday incredible special for her... And for her mama, too, who helped plan the whole thing.

But then--- as if a personal tea party wasn't enough.... For the icing on the cake (literally) for this session, the three of us then headed to Jilly's Cupcake Bar for Emma's birthday cupcake:

From start to finish, a DREAM session. Cute girls, great mama, new ideas and satisfying results....

And a very creatively satisfied photographer here.

Thank you, Andrea, for bringing your girls to play for such an incredible afternoon. It was PERFECT.


  1. Absolutely adorable pictures, but I really could have used more shots of that cup of Froot Loops. Just sayin'.

    Also, tell me more about this "Jilly's Cupcake Bar."

  2. ADORABLE!! I loved it start to finish!! And the look on Emm's face right after the trio of cupcakes - *swoon*!!

  3. OMGoodness this session had me in tears. And totally scheming for a future way to do something like this with my little birthday twins...

  4. These are gorgeous pictures! And what sweet girls!

  5. Pretty much the cutest session ever! I need a little girl!

  6. I loved every picture! So creative and what a way to capture her special day forever. Great usual!

  7. Gorgeous girls and gorgeous pictures. Looks like it was tons of fun.

  8. NO Emily...thank YOU! It was fantastic and the end results were far better than I could have even anticipated. You totally out did yourself on this one and we are forever grateful.
    Now, if I could just get Anna well so I could give you my 2-sense on that storyboard...

  9. oh WOW, Emily... I really rEally love these!!!

  10. Great pictures, and adorable girls! I want to do something like that for MY girls!! What a FUN session!!

  11. How fun... I want my own tea party for my next birthday!! Great idea, and Em, You did an AMAZING job capturing the moment!! You are incredible!!

  12. Em,
    You have outdone yourself. This is beautiful!

  13. *SWOON* is right! Having a daughter to play with would be so much fun. *sigh* I LOVE those cookies! How cute were they?

  14. Darling session! Love the tea party and the Jilly's party pics. You rocked that one, girl!

  15. I don't think Big Max will let me do teaparties with the boys...SIGH. Maybe we could do one of our own? :) Seriously, though -- awesome shots. The girls are just adorable, andrea!!


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