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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sitting on the comfy couch featured in the last post I did... Watching the new, gorgeous miniseries "Life" from the Discovery Channel... INCREDIBLE. There are still 9 parts left of the 11 part series if you guys wanna check it out. The art-filming is breathtaking.

I'm on the new laptop, which is NOT as intuitive to type on as the desktop... but Joe had a paper to finish for school, so I got banished to the little computer so he could have the big one... And the laptop has been wonderful for sorting photos in Lightroom. I don't have to have it calibrated to sort, so I can get comfy and settle in with DVR'ed shows or movies and still get work done. A luxury after AGES of being chained to the desktop every night.

It is 12:50 am and I got through the entire set of wedding images. Sorted from 1400 to 430... still gonna go back through and pare down further... probably to 350. Still-- a good night's work, I say.

I have a scattered, not-structured week ahead, so I'm-a-gonna map it out here, to get my calendar straight in my head... Since I have to do it anyway, and my notebook isn't anywhere near me at the moment.. So my dear blog gets to be the "To Do List". Weird.

Joe has class, but only for an hour.
I should grocery shop.
And do Noah's laundry.
Call J. Dexter?
I should write some work emails.
Bank deposit.
Make sugar cookie dough and/or boil a dozen eggs.
Fabric store? (guilty pleasure... but I have some projects I need stuff for)
Do the Laclede's Landing "Staycation" I mentioned to Joe?
Project night... sew aprons... or Easter crafties.
Get tax paperwork together.

Accountant meeting at 9:00 am.
Dye eggs with Noah? Or roll and cut out cookies.
Or Botanical Gardens with Joe and Noah.
No class for Joe.
Artist's Date for me: pedicure?
Fold laundry
Clean downstairs bathroom
Parents in town in the evening: do yardwork, make good dinner.

Work day/Noah babysat?
If yes: package print orders/post office/bookkeeping/email clients/Blurb covers
If no: Easter crafty with Noah, swap out toys from basement, "chill out day"...
Photo workshop: 4:00-11:00pm (Beckie babysits)

Work day/Noah babysat (if not on Thurs.)
Baby session-afternoon
Make good dinner
Easter preparations

Do Noah's Easter egg hunt
General Conference
no photo session, i think??
decorate sugar cookies
family time

I KNOW I'm forgetting something important... If I have told one of you that we have a date or a meeting, lemme know, will ya?! Ha!

Okay. I think I know what is coming up.... I can go to bed now with more settled thoughts...

Tomorrow comes quickly!!!


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