What's in YOUR Wallet?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just for fun... Inspired by THIS post from a fellow Pea.... (scroll to the bottom of the post. Her stuff is much hipper.)

My Purse, 1.16.10:

Itemized Contents (not alphabetical. Sorry Gen.):
Noah's sippy cup of water
hand sanitizer
wristlet made by Sarah MHB
Trident gum
cell phone
blueberry candies from Trader Joe's
Noah's plastic pirate
weekly/monthly planner
altered tin holding my business cards, made by Anna
aqua wallet
Hancock Fabrics weekly mailer
2 random photos from my senior year of H.S. (??)
Noah's used tissues
new tissues
fabric tissue holder made by Lindsey
small notebook of to-dos and thoughts and lists
one of Noah's bibs
pencil case from old diaper bag
Noah's plastic glow bracelet
Noah's wooden dump truck
red polka dot coupon organizer made by Lynsay
Noah's fruit snacks
2 pens
shopping list
note from accountant
2 receipts
baggie with unused wet wipes
paper insert from Playmobil toy

And just because my front entry where I took the pic didn't have enough room to REALLY dissect my purse all at once, I took this little project a bit further and looked inside the items that had more to show.

First, Anna's tin, where I keep my business cards:

Next, Sarah's wristlet, which I take EVERYWHERE and love that I can take it out of the bigger purse and have autonomous use of it. My ID, CCs, and chapstick are the key items here. The change and receipts are side effects of taking this EVERYWHERE.

Lyn's red coupon organizer, where I write my shopping lists, and where I keep my business notes and receipts, and where a few other miscellany has snuck in:

My pencil case, commandeered from my old diaper bag to be used like Sarah's wristlet, but which never fully functioned as well. Now I use it to hold crayons and markers for Noah, and where I keep my personal receipts when I remember to sift them out of the wristlet. Tithing slips, too.

And the aqua wallet. Though stripped of my ID and main CCs, I still keep a TON of stuff in here, so it still has use to me....And yes, that's a Hot Topic frequent shopper card. What? You didn't see me hangin' out in the Goth Shop? Ha!
Lots of other randomness in here... Kinda fun to see it all in one place!

So there. Secrets revealed. Minutia raised to the level of art. Or something. Anything shown here make you laugh? Surprise you? Make you smile? I'd love to know!

Now what's in YOUR wallet? (said with a Nordic accent like the commercials.)

Anyone else wanna play? No editing out the dirty tissues or too-many receipts to Target. Show me the good, bad, and ugly of your purse RIGHT NOW. :)

(except maybe blur out your important info... That could be bad. Mine's all cloned out to be safe...)


  1. I love that coupon holder with list! There is no place in my apartment (or on Earth) that could hold all of my silly cards from my wallet laid out. It is ridiculous. My wallet is a secretary, an organizer, and a friend....any Seinfeld fans out there???

    Have you been getting my emails?

  2. You got a pass to the Magic House? Boo, I wish we could go together.

  3. I had the exact same purse, or at last one that looked like it that I bought at Target. Loved that purse. Notice the past tense... yeah the leather handles completely ripped and it's unusable. I loved that purse (sigh). Anyway, you have way more interesting things in your purse than I do.

  4. You are so organized! I'm jealous. My purse is such a mess. Are those Moo cards? I just got some and I LOVE them. Sometimes its hard for me to part with them which is the opposite of what they are for, but they are so pretty.

  5. Where exactly are the food crumbs and food wrappers and, gross to admit, dirty diapers??

  6. I can't believe I haven't done this yet!! It's so what my blog needs! No, yours is not alphabetized (thanks for making me smile!)...but SO organized all laid out! (LOVE the coins...) And how funny that you have our Baccalaureate and your sr. photo!

    1. If the handles rip, as one of my most beloved green leather purses did (ripped clean off), take it to a cobbler. Mine fixed it up to brand-new, and it was CHEAP!

    2. I know, I'm 32. I need to not be self-conscious about this anymore. But I'd be embarrassed to show the things that women have to keep around to deal with Aunt Flo.

    Great post!

  7. All the handmade ELW stuff is super-cool. And I have a ga-billion more little tins if you ever have a use for them. I have an Eclipse mint/hoarding problem obviously!

  8. You are a brave soul. Ain't no way I'm showing the world what's in my would be WAY embarrassing... :)

  9. I don't have a "purse" purse, because sometimes I use my messenger bag, sometimes I don't, sometimes I use my market tote, sometimes not. I do have a planner with a handle that is the closest thing to a "purse", but what I really want is one of those wristlets... I had something like it on my keychain (a couple of times, actually) till they fell apart.
    Maybe I could take a photo of my OT home visit bag once I get it up and going. But then again, I don't have a blog... so probably not...

  10. You frequent The Walmarts as much as I do! ;-)

  11. Like Genny, I also love the way you lay everything out, from receipts to every last coin... I also loved the random senior photos... I'm glad you got to see Invictus (I'm curious what some of those other tickets are- I could only read that one and the Up in the Air ones)...
    Fun. I may have to try this one, too. If I can get my camera to work. I haven't tried using it in quite awhile. We'll see.

  12. Emily you're so fun. You and no one else would want to see the boring stuff stashed in my purse. You're just cool inside and out!

  13. I'm brand new to this blog, sent here by Suzanne from
    I was wondering, does Anna have an etsy store where she sells those altered tins? Or a blogspot where she gives a tutorial on how to make those?
    I love what I have seen of your blog. You sound like quite a cute little lady.
    ~a (Utah)


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