A Photograph and a Poem

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Marriage Turns to Math and Back

How will you love better
After a long engagement?
By what equation
Of friends of flowers
You add to tables
Are you able to make
A marriage work? Hours
The perfect wedding,
But years until
The question's answered.

And how will you love better
The one who loved you first?
How will you tally two
But equal one?--
As calculations
Prove inferior
Against the heart's
Interior, one forgets
The error of its
Long division.

Tell me:
How will you love better?
How will life change
When what you arrange
To live for is someone else?

Tell me:
How will you love better
When what love betters
Can't help but equal itself?

~ Kyle Little


{Happy Valentine's Day to my love, my Joe...
And thank you Kyle, for letting me share your incredible poetry today... it still makes my heart sing.}


  1. Did you ask Kyle to write that? Did he just volunteer it? How did you find that? What a beautiful poem, celebrating the wonderful journey of such an amazing couple- Happy Valentines Day to you both!


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