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Friday, February 26


I was gonna blog, but time got away from me as I worked to get some sessions ready for the bloggy, and it is nearly 9:30 pm on a Friday night when my husband is actually HOME, so....

He gets me tonight.

Not you.



On a positive note, I have gotten four sessions ready to blog and have so many favorites I can't wait to show you. Yayayayay!!

On another positive note, FEBRUARY IS ALMOST OVER! Wahooooooo!!

And in case I worried you with that last post....Let me reassure you I cannot see myself breaking free from my online world entirely. I just can't quit you, Internet.

But I HAVE enjoyed the less-frenzied NEED to be around.

And to get you excited for more blogs from moi, I have two tutorials in the wings and at least one possible giveaway coming up if I can get my act together. Fear not! I will not be boring forever!!


The couch, the quilt, and the snuggly husband call.... Off I go!


  1. Well this is not a proper thank you, but I just linked your blog and I hope it's ok, if not say the word and I'll remove it (the link that is).


  2. Tutorials?! Yippee!

    Hope you enjoyed the evening.

  3. YAY! that's about all I have to say ;)