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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sitting down to edit after a long full day with Noah. I'm wearing, odd as it looks, a GORGEOUS new skirt I ordered online that came in the mail today. It was too cute to resist. So I tried it on and kept it on. Atop that cute skirt is an equally cute apron made by my amiga Anna. The patterns clash, but none of this was intentional. Atop that is the fuzzy fleece blanket my friend Stef made me (Okay, made NOAH, but I adopted it). I have headphones in. I am listening to "Fireflies" by Owl City on repeat. I will be editing the Hilson family tonight. My goal is to get it all done by midnight, and maybe even get started on Ellen's session. I plan to watch last night's Glee, then maybe pop in either "Firefly: Disc Four" (hm. Coincidence with the song I am listening to. Ha!) or Harold and Maude, Katie's favorite movie that I got from Netflix. (Been FOREVER since I've seen it, so I basically remember nothing.)

Today, Noah and I went on a cupcake delivery run-- taking the leftover birthday party cupcakes from yesterday's party o the mamas who tried to come but had to cancel out last-minute. The purpose of this mission was two-fold-- 1. let the gals know I missed them, and 2. keep the cupcakes out of MY gullet. Man I have NO willpower where cupcakes are involved.
Ya wondering where photos of these cupcakes are? Still in my camera, on the card. I'll get them on here, I promise. Just.... not right now.

Packing is happening in fits and bursts.... There's this strange limbo between not wanting it to happen at all, and wishing our deadline was tomorrow so we could be DONE with the in-betweenness.

There are no photos on this post. Weird. My apologies. I wanted to blog about Noah's birthday, but like I admitted earlier, the photos are still on my card. I thought to post Family #3 from my California sessions, but they are too special for this random mood I am in. I need to think through what I write about them first... I also have a couple of other random blog posts floating in my head, but I don't have the images to support them yet, so.... Just forgive this photoless post of randomness. As alluded to in the journal post from a few days ago, this blog is my journal now, and I just felt like checking in.... And who knows? Maybe one day the minutiae of this little blurt will be endearing to read later, when I am living an entirely different life. To that end, a few more bits of that minutiae as I settle in mentally to editing for the night.

* Noah is really snuggly at bedtime. I DRINK IT UP. He was not a cuddle-baby, so I absorb every little hug, snuggle and love word I can get from the stinker. Love him...
* I made real mashed potatoes for dinner... even with it just being Noah and I. I rarely have that kind of cookin' mojo when it is just the kid and me. But they turned out YUMMO... I used Alabama Kate's trick of stirring in a packet of dry Ranch dressing mix. YUM.
* I am on #5 repeat of this song. Still love it. The video is REALLY charming.
* I bought a speedlight (Canon 580ex ii) the other week... used it at Noah's party. It scandalized the girls who were there that had also been at my little workshop last Saturday. I laughed, shrugged, and said that sometimes you just gotta have a flash. I love my speedlight, but am hopelessly untrained in all it can/will do for me. Still--- good to have. Good to begin learning.
* My own personal typos are horribly irritating to me. I get so angry at the consistency with which I type "wither" instead of "either".... "grovery" instead of "grocery".... to only name two. I HATE TYPING BADLY.
* I confess to being more in love with sewing than photos at the moment. The early stages of burnout? Maybe. Good thing I have a December hiatus coming up. YAHOO! Then I'll be itchin' to get going again with photos by mid-January. Email me. Let's do something clever that month.

Okay.... on that note, I won't get that December hiatus if I don't get to the November photos. Time to proofread this typo-laden atrocity, add in a link or two, then get outta here. If you stuck with me through this randomness, you are SWEET. Kind. And loyal. Or perhaps just really BORED. If you truly ARE bored, leave me a comment. I've been jonesin' for some good, sweet comments recently. Must be the gloom of November making me crave friends... Ha!

Off I go. This post won't proofread itself. *sigh*


  1. I wish I had something of interest to say. Tonight I really need to plan out our Thanksgiving dinner and get a move on with recipe organization and a time line and all that jazz. My parents are coming to town and ironically (well, really luckily) Nick and Kara and H are joining us too! I'm thinking of doing some family pictures on the beach, but I'm not sure what we should wear. I'm really not into khaki and white which seems so popular for that venue. Nate is having a Daddy Wrestle match with the kids right now. Its much better for everyone if I don't watch!

  2. How's that for some randomness?!

  3. Love your random thoughts. I was in a funk this week too. Maybe its all the gray weather? I didn't have that good of a seat at PW, just ran up there real quick to take a pic so I didn't get to see you ask your question. I saw you from afar later and wanted to come say hello but then I couldn't find your cute blue flower head anywhere. I'm sure your questions WAS great. Anyways, hope you get a lot of editing done tonight and maybe the sun will come out tomorrow!

  4. hey so I think I'm one of those people that have been reading for a long long time and commented....maybe once? here I am again. friend of a friend (jaime) of a friend (emily m.) just enjoy your blog. that's all for now :)

  5. it's been gray and dreary chez moi as well. i'm bored as i write this, but i need to write out a list for thanksgiving and for my parents visiting so that there are no emergency runs to walmart. i need to plan out what is going to be done on which day so that my home is ready for them. i need to go through our stuff and then take everything to goodwill. i need to go to the post office soon. i need my husband to come home. i am going to buy a darling clock on etsy for my kitchen. i bought huge maps of the US and the world to hang in my kids playroom.

    there is some random for you.

  6. I love your randomness; I love knowing you are my friend; I love that I can read my own thoughts, about myself, in the things that you share about yourself (tonight it was in your confession of hating your type-o's... but it happens often); I love your willingness to share yourself, your thoughts, your life, your family (most especially your sweet precious kiddo); I love that I am so blessed as to be among those you are willing to share with; and...MOST importantly... I LOVE YOU!!!

  7. It warms my heart that you are wearing the apron I made. :)

  8. Or bored sweet AND loyal. Love the randomness. Thanks for it.

  9. I agree with bored, sweet, AND loyal :)

    It's ok to post blogs without pictures :)

  10. I'm jonesin' too... but I'm not sure what for - perhaps more daylight hours (I do not like that I lose all motivation and energy at 6 PM)! Some new clothes perhaps? That always makes me feel good! Maybe even a manicure... or a date night with hubby! Or breakfast in bed. I could go on and on. Love when you brain dump on us -- even if it was sans photos! :)

  11. this is me reading blogs for the first time in a month! Sigh. I get on the computer to read e-mail and by the time I am finished with all that business, I need to get on to other business away from the computer. I always type Kathering instead of Katherine. and amil instead of mail.

  12. Ah, my sweet dear, I adore the mind share. I cannot wait to see the products of all that stitching time. Glad that you are finding the moments to fit those in. And no burning out on photography until at least May!

  13. I haven't really done much with either my blog or my "real" journal lately- I loved your journal post and have been in the process of creating my own- I started it two weeks ago, though, and I am trying to work up the energy to just get it done and ready for posting tonight.

    If there is anything I can do to help you get through your mini-November funk, let me know! I did want to let you know that I have decided that for Christmas break, I will leave for Missouri sometime on Monday, Dec. 21. Right now I am thinking early early, but if you are up for some help with any packing, or even just keeping Noah from underfoot while you and Joe try to be motivated, I can make my leave time flexible to meet with your needs... just let me know what your thoughts are on that idea.

    I love you! I'm so excited to see you in just a few days!!! :D

  14. I do the "wither" typo too - all the time. Arggh.

    I clicked on your previous link to "Fireflies" (didn't know what it was at the time) and loved it. I hadn't heard the song before, so thanks for the introduction.

    I wish I was close enough for some of those cupcakes, though I did a similar thing with leftover ice cream last night...

    TJ - I like the huge maps idea, but for my office - maybe you can relay to me through Em where you got them...

    Happy Thanksgiving, all

  15. So sad that I missed the PW signing! Hope it was fab...

    I'm not bored (crazy at work!), however, I wanted to mention that my grandma has the best ever recipe for mashed potatoes (don't all grandmas?!)...but she adds cream cheese to hers. TO DIE FOR...give it a shot sometime!

    And as far as personal typos, I mis-type "the" all the time as hte which drives me batty...and I have a tendency to hit the vowels before t for some reason. Ugh...I hate my own typos too!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful, blessed and joyous Thanksgiving. Would love to get together sometime when life slows down a bit.


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