I Am Neither Here Nor There

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{my bedroom window, five minutes ago... do you see Noah's birthday hat from last year? Noah's sticker sheet he puts all his sticker on? Joe's dirty laundry? Cute. All of it. :)}

It's a lazy Wednesday... a day where we get Joe home for all of it except two hours in the middle when he has class (right now, actually...). These days are lovely because we share duties, we both get to play with Noah together, and we both feel.... freer, somehow. (Is 'freer' a word? Looks awkward.)

Today, though, while feeling this way, also feels......unsettled. Partly because of the waning, fading time of year, partly because there is no PURPOSE to today-- no sense of URGENCY at tackling my to-do list... And partly (or mostly) because I am beginning to keenly feel the sensation that I am neither here nor there in my little life. This is no longer my home. Not really. But we are not yet in our new home. The warm, cozy, temporary haven we will be settling into for 7 months.... Feels good to know it is there, waiting for our final move at the end of December. But it is not yet home.

So though I COULD be packing... could be working on projects.... could be even working a bit, nothing feels urgent, nothing feels important... nothing feels settled.

It's easier to listen to good mellow music (I've finally downloaded THIS song, which I LOVE-- thanks for the reminder, Ellen!), maybe pick up a book and read, surf the Internet, maybe sew a little... easier to do these things than to muster up the passion for anything really critical.

And... I think I'm okay with this current inertia. It feels... cozy. I feel okay not feeling anything too strongly for a minute.

Still... I think my to-do list will get mad at me soon, so.... maybe I need to get up and get moving.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe I'll keep feeling this strange slowness today, and begin again tomorrow.

Oh, wanna see the cute "Morning Art" Noah and I made today?

Love it. :)

Today is okay, just the way it is.


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  2. Em, I can identify with the sentiment... different reasons, different "here", different "there", but the same lack of feeling connected to either one....

    Love the morning art!!!

  3. Morning art is adorable! Must pick up some googlie eyes and make those with the kiddos! And you're right... today is okay just the way it is. :)

  4. These are all very cute. Noah made a wonderful little robot.

  5. Those turkeys are freakin' awesome! (I think the googlie eyes are the best!) :)

  6. It is unreal what you can do with a photo girl.
    These have such a cool 'finish?'
    Ah.. morning art. What a great tradition


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