Winner, Winner! Introducing Nacho Humphrey the 1st!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Even with passions running high and last minute-vote changes and additions, we have a winner-- Nacho Humphrey, welcome to the family! I, for one, adore it. LOVE it!!

Tamara, you get the prize, and I will do my best to get it to you BEFORE Christmas day!!

For fun, though, here are the Ton Ten Names, again, along with credit to the Namers... and then the FULL list, alphabetized. Did you know you can Google "alphabetize" and it gives you the link to at least a few "alphabetizer" sites? I LOVE the internet. Thesaurus, Dictionary, GoFugYourself, Yearbook Yourself, and now an ALPHABETIZER? Awesome.

Here are the top ten, one more time:
Bernard (Megan and Will)
Duncan (Misty)
Eli (The Wittes)
Humphrey (Kristina and Terra)
Nacho (Tamara)
Poe (Stacy)
Toby (Misty)
Trombone (Andrea and Zachary)
Trumpet (Jennifer)
Tusker (The Owens)

And if you have the hankering for a full, amazing list of name options, good for any elephant out there, here it is... (ALPHABETIZED!!)
  1. Alexander
  2. Ally The Elephant
  3. Babar
  4. Badeef
  5. Bala = child
  6. Bernard*
  7. Billy
  8. Bobo
  9. Bootsy
  10. Cacajuate (spanish for peanut)
  11. Calvin
  12. Charlie
  13. Chava (pronounced Hava - it is Hebrew for "Friend")
  14. Cornelius
  15. Duncan*
  16. Ecee
  17. Echo
  18. Efrom
  19. Elias The Elephant
  20. Elliot or Eli*
  21. Elly
  22. Elmer
  23. Elph
  24. Ephie
  25. Ernest
  26. Fante
  27. Franklin
  28. Fred
  29. Harold
  30. Henry
  31. Horton
  32. Huebert
  33. Humphrey*
  34. Jose
  35. Leve'
  36. Lovey
  37. Lucky
  38. Moe
  39. Murry
  40. Nacho*
  41. Nellie
  42. Niaz (meaning gift)
  43. Oscar
  44. Paco
  45. Patsy
  46. Patti
  47. Peanut
  48. Philo
  49. Phineas
  50. Poe*
  51. Portalello
  52. Ralphie
  53. Ronnie
  54. Safi = friend
  55. Sampson The Elephant
  56. Snuffles
  57. Snuffy
  58. Stampy
  59. Sven
  60. Tembo (Swahilli for elephant)
  61. Tiny The Elephant
  62. Toby*
  63. Trombone*
  64. Trompeta (Spanish for tompet)
  65. Trumpet*
  66. Tusker*
  67. WALLY
  68. Wentworth Montigue Cornelius the Fifteenth
  69. Whiskers
  70. Zilonus (Latvian for elephant)
  71. Zo (Japanese for elephant)

And to conclude, I want to share with the world what a TRUE weird girl I am... and reveal a photo of myself from yesterday that probably should have never seen the light of day. But I am weirdly in love with it, so whatever. Here, in all my glory, is me, on a day when I did not have to leave the house.... So my outfit just got weirder and weirder as necessity dictated:

What you are seeing:
1.Blue snowman PJ pants... This is how I started the day.
2. Orange shirt... To be a bit more modest
3. Added the orange and red apron when I cooked lunch
4. Added ther black fleece vest when our apt. got chilly
5. Added the green and pink argyle slippers... also beecause it was chilly
6. Added the headband when my short hair kept getting in my eyes...

And TA-DA! I am a fool. A dork.... But a fun fool, and a silly dork, and those are the best kinds.

here's hoping YOUR weekend was full of silly moments, quiet hours at home, productive to-do-list checking off, and lots of music and fun, as mine was.

I'm off now, to go play with my boys!


  1. You are adorable! LOVE the elephant name too :)

  2. Dang it....I lost. But it looks like Poe came pretty close. Love your look. I have like three pair of Christmas pj pants that I wear all year round...that's right.

  3. very nice...Nacho Humphrey the 1st!...does that mean there are more to come?? *hint* *hint*

  4. Hey Emily!

    Guess what. You're a winner! And I hope you have room in your kitchen for some cute little head chefs.

    Email me with your mailing address and I'll try to get them to you before Christmas.


  5. Love your new "Christmas Singin'" avatar! Awesome to have such a leisurely talk with you this weekend. I voted for Toby.

  6. P.S. Those Fiesta Heads look ADORABLE! How cool that you won?

  7. I mean....

    How cool that you won!


    How cool that you won?

    That question mark makes it look terrible, doesn't it?! I hate that Blogger won't let us edit comments.

  8. ur adorable.

    Oh my gosh... I have to confess I haven't checked your photography website lately... Kirsten's pictures are INCREDIBLE. I am in aw of how perfect they are, for her... in general. I LOVE THEM!! I know you are overwhelmed right now ( in the photo sense, booked up, you know? ) but mark down that in April, I'll make a special trip up for them, and I want to do something with that as the inspiration... You did such an awesome job... congrats on how well this is going for you, im blown away!!!

  9. I love the picture. . . LOVE it. There are a couple of things that I especially love:

    #1-- That you honestly have Christmas lights hanging around the top of your bed.

    #2-- That you didn't take that apron off AFTER lunch, but made it part of the ensemble.

    You are amazing.

  10. I've always thought that you are one of the most adorable people I know. Now the whole world knows it, too! I love the lights around your bed, too.

  11. I love the whimsy! and of course, the xmax lights. What a wonderful Sunday afternoon at your house. Just the kind of warmth I need to forget about the biting cold outside.

  12. Your outfit is too, too funny.... but fitting for your personality I think. Definitley spunky and creative! I also like the lights on your bed. What a nice holiday touch!

    Nacho is adorable. I know Noah will LOVE him!!!


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