Quick Elephanty Update: ETA: POLL IS UP!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Look to the right and add your vote before Saturday night at 8:00 Central Time.

SO many options, guys--- 71 TOTAL!!!! It was tough narrowing it down, but here are your final ten. Thank you so much for all the clever ideas!

May the cutest name win. (Which won't be hard-- they are ALL cute!)

I LOVE all the suggestions!! The more the merrier! I will continue to accept suggestions until noon today, Thursday the 4th of December. Then Joe and I will pick our top ten and put them in a poll. Come back in the next couple of days and place your vote on the poll I'll post. I'll close the poll on Saturday at 8:00 p.m., and the winner of the poll can email me to get their Christmas goodies!!

So fun!!


  1. I thought of another one this morning... how about Humphrey? Or was he a whale? Henry? Huebert? Ha ha... sorry.

    Will you send me an email from ELW and tell me where I can get the socks and pattern? I so want to make one. ;)

  2. Emily, this is so cute, I just love it!

  3. Oh man! Such cute options but I'm so sad I'm late! I just read the Saggy Baggy Elephant to my boys and the elephant's name is Sooki! Which would have been perfect - makes me think I need to make a sock-elephant and use the name.

  4. Anonymous9:40 PM

    So, do-di-li-do, Since I "made the cut", if we win can we think of something other than an X-mas mix?

  5. Oh come on people - Nacho is in the lead??? Poe and Humphrey are so much cuter. Methinks a grass roots movement is needed.

  6. Beth,
    I am with you... Nacho just doesn't do it for me...not for an elephant... especially one as adorable as this

  7. Anonymous3:41 PM

    HEY- I adore Nacho. It's adorable. I know someone with this nickname, and it fits. Nacho means more than just TACO BELL, ok?

  8. I voted for Nacho cuz' you know what? It's Nacho elephant it's mine! Humphrey is a little to contrived for my taste.

  9. right on, sista! I agree w/ Sarah Anne

  10. I have to say, Nacho is just a fun, fun word. I think it may be a little hard for little ones to say at first, but it's just so cute. And who do we think we are anyway?? I mean, Noah will ultimately call the elephant what he wants to, regardless of what we think.:) Still, Nacho is very cute (the name and the actual animal).

  11. Hey Em,
    If Zachary can have a vote too (I can't vote twice from my computer and I don't have another one), he asked me to put in his vote for Humphry. Thanks this was very fun, and I know that whatever the name, Noah will love him!

  12. Hey- it's 8:08, and the poll is still not closed. My mom wanted to vote and likes the name Nacho, too. One more for us!

  13. Okay, it's probably too late to throw in my two cents, but here they are anyway- I personally liked Bernard or Poe the best (especially Poe- for some reason, I thought that was cute and seemed to be the perfect name for the animal of a one-year-old)

  14. "It's Nacho elephant it's mine!"

    Okay, I convert, I convert!!! The thought of Noah saying "Nacho, Mama!" is hilarious. My sincerest apologies for any negative-type vibes I may have inadvertently sent Nacho's way. May he live long and prosper.


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