Meet My Little Friend:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This little fella is going under the Christmas tree for Noah this year. He is made from the traditional Red Heel socks that sock monkeys are made of. And I'll be quite honest-- I didn't even know there WERE such things as Sock Elephants. But when my Red Heel socks came in the mail with a how-to worksheet for monkeys and elephants, I knew right then that an Elephant was going to emerge. See, Noah's favorite animal right now is the elephant. You should hear the noises he makes when he imitates their trumpet. Trust me, it is ridiculously cute.

So he gets to have his very own Sock Elephant, made with love by his own mama.

The only problem is, my little friend doesn't have a name. And he really looks like he needs a name, don't you think?

So let's make it a contest. Leave a suggestion or two in the comments. Joe and I will pick our top ten or so, then put it in a poll. Then you come back and vote in the poll, and whoever's name wins will get a goodie-- I'm thinking maybe a Christmas music mix CD and personalized retro ornament?

So help my poor little pachyderm find an appropriate appellation, so I can put it on a tag around his neck come Christmas morn.

Thanks, everybody!


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    Peanut or Babar

  2. Looks like a Charlie to me.

  3. He looks like a Harold or Franklin to me....

  4. Jennifer1:54 PM

    What about Trumpet after him imitating their trumpet?

  5. Bala = child
    Safi = friend

    I found these on-line and I think they are cute.

  6. I like Elliot or Eli.

    Franklin is a Turtle, and Babar and Elmer are actual characters that you can buy books for.

  7. I didn't know there was a sockelephant!! I still have my sockmonkey from years ago...he's a little worn from love.

    I'm thinking Patsy (the pachyderm). :)

  8. I think this elephant looks like he might have a sweet tooth. How about Duncan?

  9. I like Trumpet. Not my entry, but definitely gets my vote :)

    How about Bobo...or make it a girl & use Elly!

  10. Judie3:32 PM

    I want one! Okay, my huntch was waaaaaay off. This is so much better!

    How 'bout:

    Tembo (Swahilli for elephant)
    Zilonus (Latvian for elephant)
    Zo (Japanese for elephant)

    What a fun contest!

  11. Oh my gosh, Em! Do email me and tell me how long that took you. I am thinking my Noah may need one under the tree too!!!!
    How about: Niaz (meaning gift)
    Elph: just a nickname?
    I love Jennifers Idea of Trumpet too. ;)

  12. Trompeta (Spanish for tompet)
    Cacajuate (spanish for peanut)
    Nacho...who could resist a cute elefante w/ a name like "nacho"...actually very popular for a little boy!

  13. I asked Katelyn and she said his name should be Oscar. I think it's too cute.

  14. What an adorable little creature! I have four names that I think would work great, "Sampson The Elephant", "Ally The Elephant", "Elias The Elephant", or "Tiny The Elephant".

  15. You should try and make it something that he will be able to say, I think something in a different language would be a little challenging. When I first saw this little sock of love, I immediately thought Ralphie =)

  16. Will and I think he looks like a Bernard :)

    I love reading your blogs! You're so fun! Excellent idea on the sock elephant..i'll have to remember that for later on!

  17. Okay, that is so cute. Cameron likes Tusker, and thinks that your husband might like that name. I like Horton.

  18. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I can't believe it. The first name that popped into my head was Elmer. Wow, great minds must think alike. Off to think of another name.

    Dawn (pikkle)

  19. I thought Poe, for some reason. Easy to say :)

  20. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I like the name "Stampy". It's what they named the pet elephant on the Simpsons.

  21. I already suggested one name, but I think he looks like a Toby. My husband said he looks like a Snuffy. He is just adorable.

  22. Hey Em,
    It is so funny as soon as I saw the pic I said the exact same thing as you... "I din't know there were sock elephants.
    Zachary & I both have some suggestions.

    Several of Zachary's "Knee jerk" reaction names have already been mentioned; but he wanted an origianl entry so he kept brainstorming...his suggestion is Lovey

    I have 3...
    Chava (pronounced Hava - it is Hebrew for "Friend")

    Ephie (My foster niece used to pronounce it "ephalant" when she was little) and...

    Trombone (just thought it sounded cute.)

    I am in love with him/her. S/he is TOO CUTE!!!Just like Noah... Hey maybe that should be his name - Tucoot (long u sound)

    love you

  23. I like Ernest. :) Whatever you name him, he sure is perfect. :)

  24. I'm not sure why but WALLY keeps coming to mind!

    Super cute! :)

  25. Omgosh...I'm SOOOOO going to try this one for my boys. Awesome job!

  26. Hey Em, I feel like a "Blog Hog" last entry was so long...but I had another name come to mind while I was writing a wall post on FB...Philo (Derived from "philosophy", hence the spelling)

  27. Something easy like "Moe" would be adorable to hear Noah say.
    I also love the name "Echo" for a pet.
    Echo the elephant has a nice ring.

  28. Whiskers! Definitely Whiskers!

    (as a baby, the only understanding Madison had of the elephants' tusks were the whiskers on a cat, so all elephants in our house had the name of Whiskers!)

    Way cute, Em!

  29. Can I have more than one entry? He (she? he.) is SUPER cute BTW!! My vote is for Paco, but I'm going to ask my DH, he's really good at naming stuffed animals. A special secret skill of his.

  30. Em, he/she (I'm thinking he's more of a he) turned out great! I love the curled trunk.

    Well, I wasn't going to post a name because there are so many great one already, but since i was thinking about it, I like the name Phineas. This is mostly because after reading A seperate Peace in high school I told everyone that my first child would be named Phineas. I think this was similar dream for you wasn't it? Or maybe you just loved the character (who doesn't)

    Anyway, you could call him Finny for short. For my vote, I really like the names that are in foreign languages.

  31. Oh my word, he's adorable.

    I'm going to suggest Fred. I have no idea why... everyone else had such brilliant ideas. . . I just thought I would contribute. :)

  32. "jose"

    Do you have the link to where you got the red heel socks? I would love to have it if p;ossible. Just leave me a comment on my blog with the link if you think about it. I soooo love this.

  33. Wentworth Montigue Cornelius the Fifteenth.
    This will teach noah most of the letters in the alphabet AND teach him how to NOT name an elephant.
    Even though I really like the name.

  34. I can't believe someone beat me to BAbar! Only the best fictional elephant ever! So I like BAbar, or Alexander or Cornelius, who are also noteworthy characters in his stories!

  35. Murry. Or Sven. Or Calvin (like the Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin turned himself into an elephant).

  36. One of my favorite children's songs is -and gosh now I cannot remember the title- anyway. It's a Spanish song about an elephant and my boys love saying 'elefante'! It would be fun to name it Fante.

    There is also a great song named Nellie the Elephant about an intelligent elephant.

    Or you could go all symbolic style and name it Lucky or Patti (for patience).

    How fun is this!

  37. My 3 year old son suggested Portalello, but I personally am not too keen! Hehe

    I heard this story a few times from my grandfather when I was young- (with his own twists of ourse!) and his name was:

    Badeef This may also give you a few fun ideas like:


    Good luck! It is absolutely ADORABLE *wishes she could make one of those* Hope you find an amazing name :)

  38. I should prob only pick one but I just couldn't do it. I really like Snuffles, Efrom, and Elly all depending on if you want it to have a girl name or a boy name. It is a pretty cute elehant. I'm not going to lie. When you said you were going to show us your new little friend and you hoped Noah would like him, a sock elephant was the last thing that popped in my head. I honestly thought you were going to say you were pregnant :0) lol

  39. my suggestion is Ronnie... but i like murry too. i will admit though, like danielle thought it was another baby on the way...ha!

  40. oh girls-- NOT YET!! LOL! Besides, if I was preggy, I think craftiness and art would be the LAST thing on my to-do list!!

    Funny, though... I can see how you'd think that, i guess!! :)

  41. I was driving around yesterday and Eleanor came to mind. Ellie, for short. Also easy to say as it is the beginning of ele-phant. But Elliot works in that same vein, too.

    Supe cute work, Em. As always, you are inspiring! xoxo (ody)

  42. Cute! Kason says his name should be "Nee" that's all I'v got. Too cute though!

  43. Don't know about a name, but how cool is it that Noah will have a sock elephant?? That's awesome! Now Joe wants to make one for Rylan!


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