Oh, Polyvore...

Thursday, December 11, 2008 I've heard about it before, gone there once before, but never REALLY explored its possibilities... until yesterday. And now I CANNOT GET OFF!!!

This is a site where you can build you own display of...of...ITEMS. Uh. How do I explain? You can "grab" things from websites like Target, Etsy, Anthropologie, etc... and then Polyvore has an editing program where you arrange them artfully to share with others. Um. I don't think this will make ANY more sense until I SHOW you.

Remember my outfit the other day? This one?

Well... using it as inspiration, here is my Polyvore collection:

Home Body: emily style by zayneegirl

See how you can arrange all sorts of items, text, etc... into a "board" of items to show? The above one is basically all things you could go get if you wanted to be the work-from-home gypsy I tend to be. Complete with computer, cookies, and measuring tape for when I shirk my work and sew instead....and the apron. Oh, what a gorgeous apron I "found" on Polyvore for this board. *sigh* And the slippers.... ACK!

Anyway, I digress.... Here are two others I made in the last 24 hours.

Red/Turquoise Casual by zayneegirl

Noah's Wishlist by zayneegirl

Oh, this little website is addicting. Fun. And DANGEROUS. ... My only complaint? Really, I am sad that when the site gives you HTML code to embed your board onto your blog, it is a small, not-as-sharp-as-I'd like, version of the thing. On the website itself, these look much cooler. (Click the links to see...)

Polyvore: I think I love you. But please consider giving us a 600x600 or bigger sample... sharpened. Thank you.

The rest of you? GO PLAY!!

(or, maybe... hmm...go SHOP? I know of a few little things shown above I'd not say no to. Ha!)


  1. Day outfit is adorable! I would seriously wear that! Too cute

  2. UGLYDOG! You have an UGLYDOG on noah's wishlist! Yayyy!!

    Also I like how you wrote a message to Polyvore. I somehow feel whatever I want is more likely to get done if I just write a polite note to things like that [i.e., when i ask Blogger to please let us underline].

  3. um, yeah. I seriously am not going to get anything done or days now. Thanks a lot!

  4. This site IS dangerous, you naughty girl.

  5. It looks like the pages in a magazine where they are showing you how to make 8 outfits out of 8 different pieces. I wonder if it's a similar program... I though for a minute I was looking at a glamor page or something!!! I think I'll have to play on there tomorrow! I love your spunky style though. Very sassy!!!

  6. That was supposed to say 3 very different outfits out of 5 pieces. I guess I added the numbers together???? I think it's time for bed! Sorry for my publicised brain fart. To bed I go!

  7. Melody got me hooked on this. My outfits usually end up costing around $500, yikes! So I just build and look. I love that red coat you found.

  8. I think I know what I am going to be doing with my day now. Sorry Emma, I will play with you in a couple of days. Ha!

  9. Could'ja, would'ja, should'ja send out a compilation as a Wish List for birthdays, Christmas, a just-because-you-love-me List?? Does it include arts and craftsie things? This could be very dangerous. My husband thanks you, Emily.

  10. ok took ur word 4 it... tried it and i see why u like it!!][img]

    Thats my vision for my new years outfit!! :)

    fun! thanks!

  11. You have too much fun. I love the way you have such an eye for colors...must be the artist in you. Love you!

  12. Emily: on the November Crafties board sometime ago someone mentioned a project they had made for their little one... it was a Kleenex box that she had sewn fabric hankies for, so the child could pull as many out as desired.

    I'm wanting to make one, and need another pro's thoughts... (that's where you come in!) How would you attach them together so they keep pulling out together, like Kleenex really do? I'm thinking about using velcro so they can easily stick together or come apart.. what do you think?

    Email me if you want:


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