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Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's getting to the end of the year.... And I have been drifting into the realm of reflection a bit.... sort of "warming up" for the traditional New Year's Resolution time. Lat year, I didn't make resolutions. I just had too much to think about every moment of every day, with a new baby and an uncertain life... So I gave myself a break from the pressure of PLANNING/EXPECTING at that time.
This year, I find myself thinking more about what I AM rather than what I WANT... And I know that when the end of the year arrives next week, it is more likely that I will want to craft a written statement that explains my worldview at this time in my life.... rather than write a list of things I want/should be working on. I guess I just feel like I KNOW what I should be working on, and every day I try to get a little closer. Already. Without needing to declare it in a brash, year-end promise.
Um.... I don't really know where I'm going with this. I know that I want to talk about credos, but that is a beloved, cherished soapbox o' mine, and one I don't feel quite up to the task of tackling tonight... So that will come soon.... just not yet.

And I know I came on here to show off the two people that mean the most to me, in the above photos....

And I guess..... I am just in that looking-inward mode at the moment. So. If you'll be patient with me, I think most of my thoughts are currently half-baked, and need to cook a bit longer. So I'll get that all in order and come back to add some sense to this beginning of a conversation.

For now, let me just say--- As I sit here alone on a Saturday night, Joe at work and Noah asleep, that I am feeling anything but alone as I look at photos of my boys and realize how rich my life truly is.... With a husband I can't get enough of, and a baby who might just be the most brilliant, charming, hilarious child ever to live. (No mom-bias at all, here... no way!)

And I'll come back soon with either A.) Some defined thought processes.... or B.) More photos to distract you from the fact that I'm rambling and senseless in my writing.

We'll see! :)

{Until then, feel free to agree with me about the perfect charmingness of my son/hubs.}


  1. I've been thinking about this, too...and am about where you are in the process. Half-baked is such a good word!!

    Love how Joe and Noah match...and boy oh BOY he's turning into a little kid. Wow.

  2. GORGEOUS photos babe! :)
    Hope your Christmas was wonderful! :) I have a question for you. Do
    you still have the bib clips that I made you? Did you find that they
    were a good length for babies? I was wondering if you would be
    willing to measure them end to end and tell me what they measure? I
    am going to make some for a friend who just had a baby but don't want
    to make them too big. Thanks girl!

  3. love noah's new pic...he's got SO much hair now! what a cutie!

  4. Um, what ADORABLE pictures. I am utterly amazed at your talent. And the cuteness of the boys in your life.


  5. Isn't it great how we are more reflective when we get older? I love that you are going away from your "wants" and more to what you "should be". Just remember that we ALL think you are pretty amazing. Don't change too much. You're wonderful already.

  6. So glad I have you in my life to remind me of how to stay grounded. I wish I was a pinch as thoughtful and reflective as you are. And no, you are not rambling. Everything you said hit my heart. Thank you for that.

  7. Beautifully handsome boys!! :0)

  8. Those are some handsome guys you've got there!


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