So Much to Blog, So Little Time....

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I have had a BUSY couple of weeks!! I have some fun new pictures of my adventures, a few random stories, and a LOT of thank yous to shout out....

At the moment, unfortunately, I am dashing off to another fun time, this one being my first baby shower, held by the amazing, spunky Alecia and Jamie from my ward...

But I promise to find a solid chunk of time to catch up on my life here. Thanks for stopping by!

{photo taken at 30 weeks... Now I am at 32!!}


  1. You are such a hot momma! Can I call dibs to borrow your maternity wardrobe? So fashionable you are!

  2. You're wearing the owl necklace in the picture! Tee hee! That thing is so adorable. :]

  3. I totally didn't mean to copy you, but my most recent blog title is very much the same as yours. I didn't see this until after. Cute pic! You are such a cute pregnant lady! Can't wait to hear more about all your adventures.

  4. you are so beautiful pregnant. wow! you really are glowing.


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