It Was a Fun, Hectic Weekend...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Family and friends galore this weekend-- beginning with bro and sis-in-law Steven and Tamara coming to St. Louis Friday evening. We went to dinner, then met up with Elise (driving in from Indiana), Beckie, and Kyle (driving in from Kansas with his pug Belle). We had a fun evening of games and laughing til we wet our pants.... (You had to be there, but it involved a lengthy discussion of placenta-eating.)

Saturday brought Mom, Dad and Kirsti to town, and we all continued the fun with a trip to the Boathouse in Forest Park for a paddle boat ride and a yummy lakeside dinner.

Sunday was more family time, with Mom, Dad, Kirsti, and Elise spending the night on Saturday and going to church with Joe and I on Sunday. We has a picnic in Forest Park and played dominoes at Beckie's apartment later in the evening. Mom and Dad left that night, and Kirsti stayed.
Monday, sister Sarah came to town, Kyle went back to Kansas (sad!!) and my four sisters and I went to the Mills Mall to do some outlet shopping. Joe stayed home and industriously worked on improving his score in World of Warcraft.
By the time Monday evening arrived, everybody had driven back to their towns and I went home to a LOVELY foot bath/massage from Joe-- who is SO sweet to my swollen feet these days-- and a relaxing evening with him.

It was fun, to be sure, but this weekend was REALLY hectic and frenzied and busy. It is nice to have Joe to myself again, and a ton of fun memories to recall... in the peace and quiet of my now-empty home.

Thanks, all who came!! It was PERFECT.

P.S. Thank you all who commented on my last post. It feels really reassuring to hear others' experiences and stories, and to be told that this is OKAY, normal, and not the end of the world. I feel better about my lethargy and my desire to do more.
Also, to those of you who read just because, and aren't necessarily people I've met before, I LOVE HAVING YOU HERE!



  1. First complaint- why no pics of Tamara or me? Huh? Insulted.

    Second complaint- you don't "improve" your score in World of Warcraft- saying it like that puts it in the same league as Tetris or Frogger. Those are good games, too, but WoW is a world of its own. You "level up" in WoW, not go for "high scores." now if you'll excuse me, I have to push my glasses up on my nose.

  2. so, if i come and visit i'll expect a lovely blog full of pics and wonderful things said about me. :)
    i've got something to send you guys for noah.

  3. Great pictures. I feel like your siblings are old friends now that I see photos of them all the time. What a great family you have.

  4. how fun!!! your family is so silly and i love it. it makes me miss you that much more..... when do i get to see you again?????


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