Joe and Myself...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

As of next Monday, Joe and I will have been married for three years. Three years! In some ways, it feels like we have always been together. In other ways, it feels like just yesterday that he was asking me out. I can't believe we are on our way to being an old married couple.

Most days, Joe is the first and last thing I think of. We have managed to work out a symbiotic, interdependent life where each of us boosts and helps the other and we work as a team. I love to focus on him, dote on him, snuggle with him, and have him with me. So it's strange to think that this little, moving lump inside my belly is going to shift all of that. In less than three months, this blog will begin having disgustingly large quantities of photos of my beautiful baby. Stories about my baby. Questions and ponderings about my baby.

What about Joe?
He is my favorite and I want so very much to make sure he knows that, even when our son arrives. It's kinda like Lady and the Tramp, ya know? When the baby arrives and Lady is left out in the cold... even gets a muzzle? (No, we didn't register for a muzzle for Joe on the baby registry.)

I hope I can remember to still tell him all the sweet things I love to say to him now. I hope that he can see what I am doing for our child and take it as an additional form of love for him and for our son. I hope that as we figure out the new alchemy of our relationship, that we only grow fonder and more familiar with each other.

Three years next week. I am so lucky to have this man. I am so blessed by his patience, his flexibility, his generosity, his French crepe-making, his childlike excitement for many things, his willingness to let me be the extreme personality that I am, his support of my talents and passions, his great hair, his quiet spirituality, his support of all the late-stage pregnancy randomness, his footrubs, his laugh, his good gift-giving, his hairy forearms, his amazing family, his entertaining stories, his ability to adapt to any situation, his smooches....

And on and on...

I like this Emily n' Joe combo.


  1. that was so nice to read--and, I'm sure he will see your care for the little one as a form of love to him. You are such a darling couple and I'm so happy you found such a great husband and friend. I wish we lived closer b/c I bet our guys would really get along.

  2. Emily, you make me so excited for my future life. But this also made me ache for someone like Joe in my life. I know I'll get there someday, but the fact that I could end up like some of our other siblings makes me a little scared. Have you checked out my other blog yet? I suppose it's ok if you haven't had time...but yours is the input I value most so if you get a chance, check it out!

    Love you!

  3. awww so sweet! I am sure that he will feel your love. It changes things, but if you are honest about things and communicate it will all be ok :)

  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Happy Anniversary! I am excited that you two have found each other; you are defintely "MFEO". I can't imagine two more balanced, harmonious, loving and perfectly matched people besides me and Brian. Thanks for letting us share in your joy.


  5. I love hearing about you and joe, one of the few couples that doesn't make me dread the idea of ever getting married one day. And so there is no one more perfect to bring a baby into the world, then your family. I cant foresee him bringing anything besides love. But I really just wanted to compliment you on your pregnant fighting avatar. : ) Cute.


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