Finally-- Some Moments From My Bro's Wedding!

Monday, October 1, 2007

After a REALLY REALLY absurdly lengthy amount of time (nearly 2 months) my bro's wedding pics are done! There are some really great ones, especially of my good-lookin' family, so take a peek!
Click on any picture to see it bigger...

{caught ya!}

And to end, here are some of my siblings and parents from the reception... Just a few fun candids...
{kirsti is full of it...}

{Elise and Beckie cheez it up}

{Kirsti thinks: "What the?? Leave me alone, Sarah!}

{Julina and Sarah}

{My Aunt Juli and I!}

{Ah, Joe. This is why I married you...}

{Um, smile? Beckie?}

{Still lovin' each other after 32 years!}

{Sarah and Beckie give their supermodel smiles!}

{Here we are, at the end of a LONG day.... Still ready to party some more!}


  1. Are they ALL your sisters? What a party! I love your dad's hat. I wish more men wore hats. And I don't mean baseball caps...

  2. I love the Shelter Garden pics. So beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole thing. How much is the book?

  3. yep, ashley-- I have five sisters and just the one bro!!

    Mom-- It'll be about $40-45, but you can tip me if ya want!

  4. Emily- i absolutely adore your work! Thanks so much for puttin up w/ all of our sweaty-ness and all...the pics look great! I can't wait to see all of them!...

    thanks again!

  5. There's a guy I work with who loves Dad's hat toom and wants to wear one just like it when he gets older. Ths pics are fantastic, Em, you are the best!


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