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Monday, April 9

Why Am I Blue?

Why is it, after a lovely 4-day weekend, and when there is really only one and a half months left of the school year, that I feel melancholy and reluctant to go to school tomorrow?

Can't I buck up and make it the rest of the way?

I just feel... DONE. Like I don't have anything to offer tomorrow.

I think my sophomores will be starting a new short story. My juniors will be learning poetry terms. Whatever.

I just don't feel ready to go back, after a sunny, lovely day today, home, cleaning, puttering, lounging around with Joe, enjoying silence. But I know once I get there, I will be happy to see my fun kids, chat with my favorite co-workers, and plan a few fun things to come. It's just the night before, I guess. Reluctance to be an adult, controlled by outside forces.

So. To head into tomorrow.... I'll just list my five things I am grateful for today, so I can end the day on an upward swing.
1. The Gelateria on Washington...
Pastries and gelato this morning,
with a tall glass of skim milk. Delightful!

2. "Watership Down" by Richard Adams...
the bunny book. I LOVE the way he tells the story--
so gentle, so natural, but so compelling and
absorbing at the same time.
It's like Lord of the Rings, but with rabbits.

3. My sweet, silent, warm, brief, peaceful nap at 5pm today--
waiting for Joe to rise from his
pre-work slumber, worn out from my bike ride...
under Katie's yummy quilt that is my grown-up
security blanket... Only the sound of faint traffic in the distance,
and Henry chittering in his cage in the next room.

*Phew* that is a load off of my chest!

5. Stocking the larder:
a full pantry and fridge after a joint-grocery shopping trip.
Feels good to be supplied again.

so... Life is actually really lovely. So I am going to go to bed, concentrating on that.


  1. WHO is that group you have featured on your blog?! I can't stop listening to them. I LOVE it! I need it. HELP ME.

  2. Loved the photo of Joe with the Easter Bunny. Did you see Blades Of Glory? Was it not hilarious? (sp?) Sorry english teacher :P Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  3. We're planning to see Blades this Friday. Is it great?? I can't wait! I have to ditto Sheen, that music is totally addicting! Thanks for waking me up with a great great song.
    This evil slap back into winter has got us all frowning I think. What a cruel joke that warm blast was. I hear all the fruit blossoms have frozen off and that we will have no fruit this year at the farmers market. that's reason enough to be a bit bummed. Even Eirik hates it!

  4. i love the pic of the daffadils. they are my favorite flower.

  5. I hear you on the feeling a little blue. I totally felt that way this morning. Maybe it is because we may have to put our dog down...anyway - I like that you concentrated on the happy things in your life. Good example.

  6. I know exactly how you felt the other day, and the worst part is, being a student, i can give into my weakness and stay home... lol I'm workin on that though, i swear... And ok i admit i am a frequent visitor of your blog...i only realized it when it was one of the first stops when i hit the computer tonight...lol cya tomorrow